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Select Works on the Westminster Assembly (32 vols.)

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In 1643, a synod of British clergy and members of Parliament assembled at Westminster Abbey in order to restructure the Church of England. The Assembly met for 10 years, and though ultimately the restoration of the monarchy led to the repudiation of the Assembly’s work in England in 1660, the Westminster Confession and Standards have remained the standard in Reformed theology throughout the Western world since their appearance in the 1640s.

The Select Works on the Westminster Assembly (32 vols.) is an excellent resource for understanding the Westminster Assembly and the standards that emerged out of it. The collection features works from Reformed perspectives, as well as from those critical of the Assembly’s work. From biographies of influential theologians who partook in the Assembly to the minutes of the Assembly sessions, this collection will enable you to explore the foundations of modern Reformed theology with unprecedented depth and efficiency.

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Get the most complete volume of the Westminster Assembly’s work: The Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechisms, and Subordinate Standards, and bolster your library of resources on the Westminster Assembly with Classic Works on the Westminster Shorter Catechism (35 vols.).

Key Features

  • Important resource for understanding the Westminster Assembly and the Westminster Standards
  • Insight into the definitive confessional expression of Reformed theology
  • Various resources including biography, exposition, criticism, and history

Praise for the Westminster Standards

The Westminster Standards appeal to us not merely as, historically, the deposited faith of the best age of evangelical development, and not merely as, scientifically, the most thoroughly thought out and most carefully guarded statement ever penned of the elements of evangelical religion, but also as, vitally, filled with the exrpressed essence and breathing the finest fragrance of spiritual religion.

Benjamin B. Warfield, Charles Hodge Chair, Princeton Theological Seminary

Product Details

  • Title: Select Works on the Westminster Assembly
  • Volumes: 32
  • Pages: 10,116
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About the Westminster Assembly

The Westminster Assembly of Divines was a synod of British clergy, theologians, and members of Parliament during the lead-up to the British Civil War tasked with restructuring the Church of England. It began on July 1, 1643, with a sermon preached by William Twisse in the nave of Westminster Abbey. Most of the Assembly ceased attending meetings after the new regime required an oath of engagement to the commonwealth in 1649, though nominal meetings continued into the 1650s. The Assembly produced the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Larger and Shorter Catechisms, liturgical manuals for the Churches of England and Scotland, and other subordinate standards. The Assembly worked in the Reformed tradition according to covenant theology, taking the Bible as the authoritative word of God. Though the Assembly’s work was repudiated during the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, the Confession of Faith and other standards remained the definitive Reformed confessional literature throughout the English-speaking world.


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  1. Kenneth Roth

    Kenneth Roth


    I voted for $40. Not that many books that are really useful.
  2. Stephen Steele
    It's missing a key contemporary commentary by David Dickson - Truth's Victory Over Error. As J. V. Fesko puts it 'Dickson, by virtue of being alive during the period, was intimately familiar with the context of the Standards. Present-day commentators, on the other hand, stand at a significant disadvantage'. Show your support for getting this added to the collection here: http://community.logos.com/forums/t/82416.aspx
  3. Tom



    I would suggest that people bid at 70 dollars, the peak is TOO high at 90 for classic books. It would not take many votes (orders) to change the peak. Lower your bids to 70 and you will see some action!
  4. Cris Dickason
    This is a nice collection of materials, but it is as much about 19th century criticism of and distancing from the Westminster Standards (Presbyterian Church USA), as it is about the origin and content of the standards. I'm saving up for Van Dixhoorn's work.
  5. Christian Locatell
    These volumes offer a wealth of insight into the most mature articulation of the Christian faith, the Westminster Standards. I'm especially excited about Robert Shaw's exposition of the Confession and all the primary documentation from the divines themselves. Can't wait for this to go into production!


Collection value: $284.68
Save $84.69 (29%)

Gathering interest