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Exegetical Summaries Series (27 vols.)

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How can the task of biblical exegesis be fruitful and meaningful when commentaries and lexicons provide contradictory interpretations and seem to support opposing translations? The 27-volume Exegetical Summaries Series asks important exegetical and interpretive questions, while summarizing and organizing the content from every major Bible commentary and dozens of lexicons. With this collection you can instantly identify exegetical challenges, discover a text’s interpretive history, and survey the scope of everything written about each verse and phrase. Since no single commentary provides all the answers needed for translation, exegesis, and interpretation, the Exegetical Summaries Series serves as a valuable supplement, and study tool. The books in the Exegetical Summaries Series survey the scope of everything written about every phrase in a large number of New Testament books—now with the addition of a volume on 1 Timothy and one on Romans 9–16—along with two books in the Old Testament. This expansive collection gives you the tools you need to swiftly compare commentaries and lexicons, identifying instances of both scholarly consensus and disagreement.

Resource Experts
  • Phrase by phrase analysis
  • Summary of lexical entries for nearly every word
  • Comprehensive commentary comparisons
This series offers endless exegetical assistance . . . summarizing the major exegetical issues in interpretation. . . [It includes] comprehensive analysis of the raw data of the text.

—Online reviewer

  • Title: Exegetical Summaries Series
  • Publisher: SIL International
  • Volumes: 27
  • Pages: 9,182
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19 ratings

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  1. Eugene Oleson
  2. Charles



  3. Thomas Toews

    Thomas Toews


    Great resource. My one big problem is that the hyperlinks to the rest of your library are pretty weak. The BAGD links don't work even though I own the BAGD/HALOT set. The links to the commentaries and Bible translations only give the bibliographic info. A much better version would have had each link open up the linked resource directly to the the place under discussion.
  4. Dario Oliveira de Matos
    Great Resource. At SIL website, they have as well a John 1-9 volume dating 2013 (https://www.sil.org/resources/publications/entry/61527), what about updating this library to include it too?
  5. Henry Lara

    Henry Lara


    This is a great resource. It's one of my favorite resource and has been very helpful. Excellent and valuable resource.
  6. Eric Fary

    Eric Fary


    One of my most valuable resources. This collection brings together all my books. Hopefully the updates will not be expensive because there's a lot more books not listed. Very granular and easy to access all the other commentaries with this starting point. As some of the other comments have listed it is important to have the proper resources available to get the full value of this set.
  7. Unix



    An idea for negotiations between the publisher and Faithlife would be to offer a new bundle: the New Testament set! I'm not waiting for new 3rd Editions or 2nd Editions for parts of the Bible which only have come out once so far in the series. I think SIL's Exegetical Summaries are generally better than other similar resources sold by Faithlife from this ongoing century for example because of the selection of which commentary series are referenced and the links to the BAGD (i.e. 2nd Edition) Greek lexicon which I have. Commentaries referenced are usually still expensive and if I would want to know what the very latest commentaries say they would not be included in any resources of this kind for a a too long time still. Also as I use multiple software, the Exegetical Summaries are sometimes convenient. Enough about the format. There are some good authors who put together the Exegetical Summaries even though the matter of what exact commentaries You finally want to consult to be discussed together with that You need to look up a few more commentaries that are not referenced here. However I would not recommend You to upgrade Your base-package to get this set (to for example Standard Platinum) because even though there are some various necessary and/or valuable books in for example Platinum if You put some effort into it and have a bit of seminary training (not that much is needed) You will be able and knowledgeable enough to pick and choose what You actually want with the bonus benefit of less clutter in Your library - that way You could get a few even better books dealing with the very same things as some of the books in Platinum. What I mean is that many times a compromise of quality is not a good choice and that a bulk of books can make You stray from what You actually need to or want to study. Shopping too freely can also stray You though. Those who do some level of translating or have great interest in English Bible versions and how a word choice can alter what interpretation shines through, may be the core customers for this product. If all You do is translate there are other alternative sets too, they all differ, You have to choose what's most beneficial for You and aids You with enough references, grammar or matters of interpretation. Unfortunately it's a bit difficult to find out if You like the format: many university libraries and seminaries don't carry these titles, and most of the individual volumes are expensive to buy separately, if You just want to try out and are familiar with abbreviations, series and Bible versions perhaps You could try buying one print volume cheap? It won't link to the Faithlife platform but You'd get access to evaluating whether references You seek are there.
  8. Shawn May

    Shawn May


    Great resource, wished it contained more OT books. The phrase by phrase analysis, questions it proposes, and exhaustive answers, proved to be valuable when teaching bible study.
  9. Claude Brown Jr
    Will there be a completion of this series?
  10. Kyle Linville

    Kyle Linville


This product is not currently available to purchase.