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Products>SIL Exegetical Summary Series | SILES (34 vols.)

SIL Exegetical Summary Series | SILES (34 vols.)

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How can the task of biblical exegesis be fruitful and meaningful when commentaries and lexicons provide contradictory interpretations and seem to support opposing translations?

The Exegetical Summaries Series asks important exegetical and interpretive questions, while summarizing and organizing the content from every major Bible commentary and dozens of lexicons. With this collection you can instantly identify exegetical challenges, discover a text’s interpretive history, and survey the scope of everything written about each verse and phrase. Since no single commentary provides all the answers needed for translation, exegesis, and interpretation, the Exegetical Summaries Series serves as a valuable supplement, and study tool. This expansive collection gives you the tools you need to swiftly compare commentaries and lexicons, identifying instances of both scholarly consensus and disagreement.

Resource Experts
  • Phrase by phrase analysis
  • Summary of lexical entries for nearly every word
  • Comprehensive commentary comparisons
  • New Testament scholars
  • Greek and Hebrew scholars
  • Textual and literary critics
  • Pastors and teachers
  • Seminary and graduate students
  • Anyone who regularly uses Bible commentaries and dictionaries
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10 ratings

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  1. Elvin Bruno

    Elvin Bruno


    I use it all the time. It is great.
  2. Stephen Brown

    Stephen Brown


  3. Stephen Brown
    Excellent tool for research. Allows you to see a concise summary of all the major commentaries, outlining opposing interpretations, exegetical/lexical issues, and pertinent hermeneutical questions in moments. One of my most used resources on Logos.
  4. David Anfinrud

    David Anfinrud


    Well it is a good resource. I have many of the Commentaries they are using to make the summaries. Spending time going to each commentary to check things out. Will take a while to go thru a Passage with this set.
  5. Kelly Mann

    Kelly Mann


    If you want the set and do not wish to pay top dollar then right now you can probably get it much less expensive by going here: https://www.logos.com/product/218997/logos-5-gold-legacy-library Not sure how long the sale is good for but if you have been holding out you might wish to grab the reins. However, please realize that you might not be comparing apples to apples as this is a 34 vol set and the link to the gold is a 24 vol set. Well hope this helps someone
  6. Traian Crismariu
  7. Dr. Anthony Mazak
  8. Brad Steven Jensen
  9. Dr. Anthony Mazak
  10. Timothy James Mills


Collection value: $836.66
Save $209.67 (25%)
Starting at $50.77/mo at checkout