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Notes, Critical and Practical, on the Book of Leviticus


Following the scope of regulation and law in Leviticus, Bush provides concise annotation, exegesis, and practical exposition of the original Hebrew. Bush compares Leviticus with alternative Old Testament books to show variable meaning in grammar and semantic thought.

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Key Features

  • Compares Leviticus with other Old Testament text
  • Analyzes the composition and organization of the book
  • Provides verse-by-verse commentary

Praise for the Print Edition

This volume strikes us, on a cursory perusal, as equal to any of its predecessors, in learning, ingenuity and force of style, while it is certainly superior to some of them in conciseness of style and soundness of judgment.

The Bible Repertory and Princeton Review

Product Details

  • Title: Notes, Critical and Practical, on the Book of Leviticus
  • Author: George Bush
  • Publisher: Newman and Ivison
  • Publication Date: 1852
  • Pages: 284

About George Bush

George Bush (1796–1859) was educated at Dartmouth and Princeton before being ordained in the Presbyterian Church. Bush later went on to become professor of Hebrew and Oriental literature at New York University.