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The Epistle of James (The New International Commentary on the New Testament | NICNT)

, 1976
ISBN: 9780802825155


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The author of the Epistle of James, a letter distinguished for its passionate commitment to Jewish Christianity, has been dubbed “the Amos of the new covenant.” As a guide to Christian behavior, the letter deals with themes of universal importance, among which are the nature of God and man, the evils of lust and pride, the virtues of faith and hope, and the fruits of faith and love.

James B. Adamson, in contrast to many scholars, is convinced that James was a master writer whose knowledge and choice of Greek bestow on his epistle a sustained unity of style and content that bears a close affinity with the Synoptic Gospels and the sayings of Jesus. The substance and authoritative tone of this epistle follow in the tradition of Elijah and Moses, and the style and diction resemble some of the outstanding qualities of the Psalms the prophets.

In this thorough exegesis of his own working translation, Adamson combats some prevalent notions and corrects misunderstandings of the nature of this unique epistle, which, he says, cannot really be understood apart from the whole context of the New Testament.

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Key Features

  • Verse-by-verse commentary
  • In-depth discussion of textual and critical matters
  • Introduction to the authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology of James

Praise for the Print Edition

A noteworthy publishing event! If it leads to a rediscovery of the Epistle of James and its message by twentieth-century Christians, it will have performed a noble service. I take pleasure in warmly commending it to all students and preachers of the New Testament and its message.

—W. Ward Gasque, president, Pacific Association for Biblical Studies, Seattle, WA

Product Details

  • Title: The New International Commentary on the New Testament: The Epistle of James
  • Author: James B. Adamson
  • Series: The New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT)
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1976
  • Pages: 227

James B. Adamson was senior pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Santa Rosa, California. He studied at the University of Edinburgh and in 1954 was awarded a PhD from Cambridge University for a thesis on the Epistle of James.


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Digital list price: $30.99
Save $6.00 (19%)