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Millerite Signs of the Times (1840–1841) (24 issues)
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Millerite Signs of the Times (1840–1841) (24 issues)


Dow & Jackson 1840–1841

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Signs of the Times offers invaluable firsthand insight into the Millerites, a trans-denominational Adventist movement that emerged from North America’s Second Great Awakening. Based on calculations from Daniel 8:14, William Miller and his followers predicted that Christ would return October 22, 1844. They proclaimed and defended their prophetic time calculations in Signs of the Times. Joshua V. Himes was both publisher and editor.

This collection of 24 issues, beginning in March 1840, explains the Millerites’ interpretation of Daniel’s prophecies about Christ’s first coming as Messiah and his pre-millennial second coming. Following what became known as their “Great Disappointment,” Miller and Himes became involved in various Adventist groups, but neither became Seventh-day Adventists.

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Key Features

  • Key Adventist publications about prophecy and Christ’s Second Coming
  • Millerite literature leading up to the predicted 1844 return of Christ

Product Details

  • Title: Signs of the Times (1840–1841)
  • Editor: Joshua V. Himes
  • Publisher: Dow & Jackson
  • Publication Date: 1840–1841
  • Pages: 198

About Joshua V. Himes

Joshua V. Himes (1805–1895) was a leading figure in the Millerite movement. In 1839, he became convinced of Christ’s imminent return upon inviting William Miller to lecture at the Chardon Street Chapel. Himes became a prolific publisher of Millerite material. After the “Great Disappointment” of 1844, Himes helped organize the Advent Christian Church. He was also founding president of the American Advent Mission Society, but never became a Seventh-day Adventist (SDA).