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Learning Biblical Hebrew: A New Approach Using Discourse Analysis

ISBN: 9781573123242
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Designed for beginning students in their study of biblical Hebrew, this course book focuses on the Hebrew alphabet, the basics of pronouncing Hebrew, and learning almost 400 of the most common words in the Hebrew Bible. Learning Biblical Hebrew is comprised of fifty lessons and eight readings, using about 1000 verses of biblical text. Each lesson has two types of assignments: (1) speed drills for practicing the lesson's materials, and (2) translation exercises taken from the biblical text. Important information is reviewed before introducing new material, and cross-referencing is made available throughout the book to access previously learned material.

Hebrew writers used grammatical signals to guide their readers through the text. This book will study those grammatical signals through discourse analysis. Rocine tells us that, “I have found the discourse analytical approach…to be the most powerful grammatical tool for gaining” a rich and intimate knowledge of the Word of God.

By utilizing discourse analysis, Learning Biblical Hebrew helps teach the nuances of meaning not accessible through English translations. Written suitably for independent study as well as the classroom, this resource teaches the most useful information about Biblical Hebrew that can be accomplished in a typical one-year study period. The book also contains verb charts, vocabulary, a bibliography and an index.

Product Details

  • Title: Learning Biblical Hebrew: A New Approach Using Discourse Analysis
  • Author: B. M. Rocine
  • Publisher: Smyth & Helwys
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Pages: 451

Bryan M. Rocine Bryan M. Rocine is pastor of Living Word Church in Syracuse, New York. He has over twenty years’ experience teaching biblical Hebrew in high school, church and college settings.

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Digital list price: $30.99
Save $6.00 (19%)