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Interpreting the Book of Revelation

Format: Digital
, 1992
ISBN: 9781441255297


“What the Book of Revelation requires is not that we know in advance what is coming, but that we know how to meet it when it comes,” asserts J. Ramsey Michaels. This addition to Guides to New Testament Exegesis series will help students do that.

Interpreting the Book of Revelation provides a concise introduction to the careful interpretive study of Revelation. Its meticulous, scholarly approach to studying linguistic structure, vocabulary, and variant readings provides and exegetical model even for those who disagree with some of the author's conclusions.

Throughout, Michaels stands behind the unity of this challenging New Testament book as prophecy influenced by current events—predictive, yet calling readers to events now.

This resource is also included in the Guides to the New Testament Exegesis Collection (7 Vols.).

Product Details

  • Title: Interpreting the Book of Revelation
  • Author: J. Ramsey. Michaels
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 1992
  • Pages: 150