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Hebrew for the Rest of Us

Format: Digital
, 2008
ISBN: 9780310510345


This is a companion volume to Greek for the Rest of Us by William D. Mounce. This book is a guide for English-only readers to understand the language of the Old Testament just enough to work with the Old Testament in more detail and to understand the scholarly literature on the Hebrew Bible. It specifically aids students in learning:

  • Why translations differ
  • How to do Hebrew word studies
  • What the basics of Hebrew exegesis are
  • How to read more advanced Old Testament commentaries with greater understanding.

Hebrew for the Rest of Us is set up in a workbook format.

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  • Assists in mastering the tools necessary for Old Testament study
  • Teaches elementary facets of biblical Hebrew, so that the English-only Bible student can maximize the benefit gained from original language tools
  • Includes multiple ways to utilize the text, and tips on effective studying
  • “Getting to Know You”: Consonants and the History of Hebrew
  • “Getting to Know All About You”: Vowels and How We Got the Old Testament
  • Roots, Clauses, and Function Words
  • Nominals
  • Verbals
  • A Method to Our Madness
  • Title: Hebrew for the Rest of Us
  • Author: Lee M. Fields
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 304

Lee M. Fields is a trained Hebrew scholar with a PhD from Hebrew Union College. He is professor of Bible and theology at Mid-Atlantic Christian University (formerly Roanoke Bible College), in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.