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中文聖經和合本-上帝版(繁體)The Holy Bible: Traditional Chinese Union Version (Shangti Edition) (RCU)
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中文聖經和合本-上帝版(繁體)The Holy Bible: Traditional Chinese Union Version (Shangti Edition) (RCU)


Hong Kong Bible Society 1996

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.


The Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation is an edition of the predominant translation used by Chinese Protestants, updated to conform to modern punctuation usage. This resource contains the Shangti Edition (referring to the way “God” is translated) in traditional Chinese.

關於此譯本More About This Translation

The Chinese Union Version was translated by a panel of members from many different Protestant denominations, using the English Revised Version as a basis and original manuscripts for crosschecking. The CUV was completed in 1919, but the punctuation in this new version has been updated for easier readability.

語言Translation Type: 繁體中文Traditional Chinese

詳細資料Product Details

  • 書名Title: 中文聖經和合本-上帝版(繁體)The Holy Bible: Chinese Union Version (Shangti Edition) (RCU)
  • 作者/編者 Author/Editor: 聯合聖經公會United Bible Society
  • 出版社Publisher: 香港聖經公會Hong Kong Bible Society
  • 出版日期Publication Date: 1996