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Study, Apply, Share: Mark (Pastorum Series)

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Sermon Planning Made Easy

Jumpstart your sermon planning with Study, Apply, Share: Mark—a resource for preparing and presenting sermons and coordinating your worship services. For each biblical paragraph covered, Study, Apply, Share: Mark does the work of several resources: it identifies interpretation issues, provides application suggestions, and suggests worship service ideas. Elegant, professionally designed slides allow you to include biblical statistics in your sermons for illustration.

Study, Apply, Share

  • Jumpstarts the sermon- and worship-planning process—Sermon and worship planning requires time, creativity, and energy. This series gives you a head start on the planning process, so you don’t have to start from scratch every week.
  • Saves time—No need to read stacks of commentaries to discover the interpretive issues.
  • Suggests links into your Logos library—You will see instantly which of your commentaries discuss a given issue, so you will know where to turn first.
  • Introduces new resources—You will know, perhaps even before you own it, that a particular commentary discusses an issue you want to explore.
  • Applies passages—The application suggestions are written by a scholarly pastor who knows both the ancient text and modern audiences.
  • Provides intriguing, presentable biblical data, ready to share—Professionally designed slides present interesting statistics, saving you the time it would take to find visual illustrations or create slides on your own.
  • Aids in worship planning—The worship service ideas suggest how to incorporate the theme of the passage; this reinforces the message of your sermon and makes worship services more memorable.

Explore interpretation issues and reach your own conclusions. Choose the application most appropriate for your faith community. Foster the creativity you need to plan dynamic worship services. Study, Apply, Share: Mark helps you maximize your time by minimizing preparation time, giving you the freedom to minister to your congregation without sacrificing the quality of your weekly service.

Top Highlights

“The right confession in Mark’s Gospel is calling Jesus the Son of God” (source)

“the right response to Him (committing to following Him)” (source)

“People are ‘amazed’ 11 times and ‘astonished’ six times in Mark, but these responses fall short of the devotion Jesus demands. This reminds us that an initial emotional response to the gospel may not reflect genuine faith. Following Jesus involves leaving something behind.” (source)

“Six of Mark’s 16 chapters are dedicated to the final eight days of Jesus’ life—commonly known as the ‘passion week.’” (source)

“Mark emphasizes suffering, and Jesus invites the crowds to count the cost and the demands of discipleship. Mark 8:34 is the only time in the Gospel that Jesus summoned both the crowd and His disciples to Himself for an important announcement.” (source)


  • Series Introduction
  • Book Overview
  • For each passage:
    • Study: 5–7 questions with corresponding links to Logos resources that discuss those questions (one link per question)
    • Apply: 2 application ideas that focus on 2 different themes from the passage
    • Share: 2 memorable worship service ideas that coordinate with the message and help solidify the application
    • Share: Slides with statistical graphs that bring intrigue to presentations and insight to study. Professionally designed, they explore Mark’s themes, ideas, and words and compare it to other biblical books.

Product Details

  • Title: Study, Apply, Share: Mark
  • Author: Jeffrey E. Miller
  • Series: Pastorum Series
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2012

About Jeffrey E. Miller

Jeffrey E. Miller is the author of Hazards of Being a Man, has served as contributing editor on three commentaries, and is the coauthor of the Zondervan Dictionary of Bible and Theology Words and A New Reader’s Lexicon of Greek New Testament. With a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has pastored for 11 years and taught for three.

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2 ratings

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  1. Michael O'Brien
    Love it. Can't wait for more editions
  2. Shawn Anderson
    1) The "Study" section asks questions with links to commentaries with the answers. The questions themselves were okay. They tried to get to the central point of the text. The only problem is you have to own the commentaries or else you cannot see the answers. They don't simply quote the multiple commentaries but expect you to purchase them as well as this $55 study guide. 2) The "Apply" section often had good application suggestions, which were a helpful starting place as you think about application particular to the congregation you serve. 3) The "Share" section often suggests ways to add innovation and creativity to the worship service. It is this reviewer's opinion that this section promotes violating God's principle of worship, "I have told you how to approach me in worship. Do not add or take away from what I have commanded you to do." There is no need to add to the simple and significant "means of grace" with innovation and distracting creativity. 4) This is not worth $50 or even $20. I would suggest making this a $10 item and offering it in a bundle of Mark Commentaries (the ones linked to in this resource). It could serve as bonus material to help organize your study. Overall, I think that the helpful features in this resource for sermon prep are the Study questions and the Apply suggestions. But this is a glorified "study guide" and if the "Share" suggestions are applied in worship this reviewer believes that they will only detract from the Word of God.