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Pastorum Series Collection (14 vols.)


Enhance Your Sermon Prep

Present richer, more memorable sermons and reduce your preparation time with the Pastorum Series Collection.

These pastoral resources will enhance your ministry and presentation skills by:

  • Jumpstarting the sermon-planning process
  • Saving you countless hours of research time
  • Suggesting links to your Logos library and introducing new resources
  • Providing application suggestions
  • Making it easy for you to present prayers, quotations, and intriguing biblical data with elegance
  • Aiding in worship planning
  • Connecting your congregation with church history

Product Details

  • Title: Pastorum Series Collection
  • Editors: Elliot Ritzema, Rebecca Brant, Elizabeth Vince, Jim L. Wilson, and Jeffrey E. Miller
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Volumes: 14
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