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An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament

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The aim of An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament is to furnish an account, at once descriptive and historical, of the literature of the Old Testament. This includes an account of the contents and structure of the several books together with a description of their general character and purpose. This book is a powerful tool in the study, appreciation, and application of the message and material found in the Hebrew Scriptures.

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  • Author: Samuel Rolles Driver
  • Publication Date: 1913
  • Pages: 577


Samuel Rolles Driver

English Christian Hebraist; born at Southampton Oct. 2, 1846; regius professor of Hebrew (in succession to Pusey), and canon of Christ Church, Oxford, since 1883; member of the Old Testament Revision Company, 1876-84.

Together with T. K. Cheyne and Robertson Smith, Driver has been one of the foremost champions of Biblical criticism in England. Driver approached it from its linguistic side ("Jour. of Phil." 1882, pp. 201-236). His first contribution, "A Treatise on the Use of the Tenses in Hebrew" (Oxford, 1874; 3d ed., 1892), has remained the most complete presentation of the subject...In matters of criticism Driver has always taken a conservative view, showing much moderation and sympathy with the orthodox position.


Driver has edited two small rabbinical works: a commentary on Jeremiah and Ezekiel by Moses ben Sheshet, London, 1871, and one on Proverbs, attributed to Abraham ibn Ezra, Oxford, 1880. He has also been a collaborator on the second edition of Smith's "Bible Dictionary," on Hasting's "Dictionary of the Bible," and on Cheyne and Black's "Encyclopædia Biblica," and is coeditor, with Professors Brown and Briggs, of the Clarendon press edition of Gesenius.

by Joseph Jacobs & Richard Gottheil

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Digital list price: $16.49
Save $4.00 (24%)