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Jesus the Temple

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ISBN: 9780801045387


Jesus the Temple gives readers a fresh understanding of the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus. It helps to narrow the gap between “the historical Jesus” and “the Christ of faith.”

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Nicholas Perrin’s latest book takes a fresh look at the concept of Jesus as temple. To do this, he reviews Jesus’ relationship to the Jerusalem temple, the early Christian community’s idea that Jesus is the new temple, of which his followers are a part, and how this idea may well be rooted in the teaching of Jesus himself. There is little in the book that is conventional, and readers will be surprised again and again by Perrin’s creative insights and control of both primary and secondary literatures. This is a significant advance in an important area of study.

Craig A. Evans, Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College

This is one of the few scholarly books in my memory that can turn a phrase with literary allusions ranging from Albert Schweitzer to Bob Dylan. Delightful reading and worthy of careful appraisal.

Jeannine K. Brown, associate professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary

  • Title: Jesus the Temple
  • Author: Nicholas Perrin
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 272

Nicholas Perrin is an associate professor of New Testament at Wheaton College Graduate School in Illinois. Formerly a research assistant to N. T. Wright, he has taught at Biblical Seminary (Hatfield, PA) and served as a senior pastor at the International Presbyterian Church in London.