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Products>The Wholeness Imperative: How Christ Unifies our Desires, Identity and Impact in the World

The Wholeness Imperative: How Christ Unifies our Desires, Identity and Impact in the World

ISBN: 9781527101524
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There is a yearning within all of us to be ‘whole’ – a recognition that we live fragmented lives: striving and failing, believing but doubting, speaking one thing then doing another. We are all righteous sinners, in a battle with ourselves. In this semi–biographical work, Scott Redd examines this fight, discussing how we should be approaching it theologically and practically, in our day–to–day lives.

Filling each chapter with doctrines and biblical texts, Redd uses his theological training to tease out the idea of becoming fully–functioning, love–filled, Christ–devoted people. There is also a focus on using a cross–section of texts and concepts from the Old as well as the New Testament, making this a well–balanced and enlightening discussion. With an engaging, humorous tone, The Wholeness Imperative presents Christ as the unifying force of our hearts and minds – not abstract or unattainable, He is right in front of us, waiting to be embraced.

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  • Makes use of theological and pratical use of Bible passages
  • Studies the interaction between the Old Testament and the New
  • Supports the use of this dichotomy in the Christian life as related both consecutively and complementarily
  • Being and Becoming: Wholeness Regained
  • On the Sojourn: Wholeness Pursued
  • Pious Superstition: Wholeness Disguised
  • Felt Need, Deepest Need: Wholeness Redeemed
  • Of Sea Storms and Spirits: Wholeness Remade
  • Glory that Consumes: Wholeness Illuminated
  • No Less Days: Wholeness Ever After
Drawing from his extensive knowledge of Scripture, Scott Redd pursues the theme of wholeness through the story of salvation, from creation to the new heavens and new earth, in a way that is clear, faithful, and compelling. It will enrich both the pastor in the pulpit and the hymnwriter in the back pew.

—Keith Getty, Hymn-writer

In The Wholeness Imperative Dr Redd helpfully draws out – and illustrates from personal experience – the Bible’s teaching about the integration of faith and life. The book is a heart–warming call to an ongoing and holistic surrender to the Lordship of Christ. The author encourages a sanctification that brings every part of life into captivity to Christ in obedience. This book will help Christians to grow in grace and become what we are.

—David J. Randall, Author of Why I Am Not an Atheist and Christianity – Is It True?

How do we live a life of wholeness, and how do we live wholly for God? Dr. John Scott Redd helps us with a faithful exposition of Scripture on the theme. Wholeness is an important theme in the Christian life, and bears our attention. So take a journey into biblical wholeness with Dr. Redd as your guide.

—Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary

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Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Dean of Students, Reformed Theological Seminary.


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    Digital list price: $12.99
    Save $3.00 (23%)