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An Introduction to Ancient Mesopotamian Religion

Format: Digital
, 2011
ISBN: 9780802829597


In her Introduction to Ancient Mesopotamian Religion, Tammi J. Schneider offers readers a compact guide to the historical religions of Tigris and Euphrates regions, covering everything from the beginning of the Bronze Age through the time of Alexander the Great and Darius III. Drawing on extant texts, artifacts, and architecture, Schneider uncovers both an intriguing pantheon of deities—including Marduk, Ishtar, and many others—and the complex, fluid, and highly ritualized religious experience of the people who spent their lives serving and appeasing them.

Tammi J. Schneider brings the ancient Near East to life with a fresh and original perspective making An Introduction to Ancient Mesopotamian Religion a must-have for anyone interested in the Second Temple Period. Produced with scholarly rigor yet accessible to nonspecialists and students this volume is, with the Logos Bible Software, completely searchable and fully linked to the original-language texts in your library. This makes the Logos edition of An Introduction to Ancient Mesopotamian Religion useful and accessible for students, pastors, academics, and laity.

Key Features

  • Maintains an academic yet readable style
  • Contains a timeline of ancient Mesopotamian religious milestones
  • Includes bibliographical references and an index

Praise for the Print Edition

Tammi Schneider has done us all a great service by writing this attractive overview of Mesopotamian religions. The book is encyclopedic in the best sense of the word: comprehensive, reliable, in-depth, and up-to-date, with notes that invite further inspection. It should be useful to students learning about the cultures of the ancient world as well as to teachers in allied specialties. Both length and price are just right.

—Jack M. Sasson, Vanderbilt University

Tammi Schneider has provided an extremely useful initiation into the very complex world of ancient Mesopotamian religion. Students will benefit from the clear presentation and writing style of the author and will, undoubtedly, be challenged to dig deeper into the intricacies of the various topics and issues that are introduced.

—K. Lawson Younger Jr., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Schneider's state-of-the-art introduction is bound to become a standard textbook on Mesopotamian religion.

—Karel van der Toorn, University of Amsterdam

Scholars of the ancient Near East have only recently begun to attempt syntheses of their material for the public. Not only does Tammi Schneider take the very complicated topic of Mesopotamian religion and make it understandable to the beginning student, but she also provides a solid framework for understanding the wider context of the Judeo-Christian religious traditions. In addition, her detailed and erudite notes will help the reader who is interested in pursuing further research on the subject of comparative religions. She is to be commended!

—Mark W. Chavalas, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse

Product Details

  • Title: An Introduction to Ancient Mesopotamian Religion
  • Author: Tammi J. Schneider
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 156

About Tammi J. Schneider

Tammi J. Schneider is professor of religion at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. Schneider is also co-director of excavations at Tell el-Far’ah, Israel. She is author of Sarah: Mother of Nations.