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Factbook Collection (100 Resources)

Digital Logos Edition

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The Logos Factbook provides instant information on biblical people, places, things, events, and cultural concepts. This tool functions like an encyclopedia, pulling together all of your datasets and resources, then presenting powerful overviews of each topic. But it is only as powerful as your digital library. The Factbook Collection amplifies the capability of the Logos Factbook with a wide collection of reference works to make it work for you even better. Understand biblical people, places, events, and concepts in less time: Factbook is your go-to place for biblical information. In seconds, search tens of thousands of Factbook pages that offer textual and visual resources on famous theologians, books of the Bible, ancient places, and more.

Please note: This product does not contain the Factbook feature from Logos. Make sure you have at least Logos Basic installed on your computer. For best performance, you need a Bronze or higher Base Package.

Resource Experts
  • Contributes hundreds of articles for the people, places, symbols, and events in your Factbook
  • Conveys relevant information to the Bible Book Guides section of your Factbook
  • Provides outlines, backgrounds, authorship, overviews, themes, and interpretations of every book in the Bible
  • Build out your library with solid reference material
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4 ratings

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  1. Kelly Fleming

    Kelly Fleming


  2. David S

    David S


    a staggering amount of resources to lookup many topics. recommended if you like to research background information in depth. i got this primarily for the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary but the other books have been useful too.
  3. I Emmanuel

    I Emmanuel


    This vast collection of excellent resources has thoroughly enriched my biblical studies and profoundly deepened my personal discipleship experience. There’s not an area of biblical or theological study I’m aware of that’s not well-covered by this huge library of resources. Get it now without delay.
  4. Dr. Anthony Mazak
  5. Top8305



    When will there be a Factbook Feature Expansion Collection for Catholics (i.e. Verbum Platform)? As it stands, the Factbook in Verbum is often quite shallow, missing significant resources in my Library. Thanks. Pax Christi


Collection value: $3,318.53
Save $1,328.54 (40%)
Starting at $88.90/mo at checkout