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Majority World Theology: Christian Doctrine in Global Context

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At this moment in history, more Christians live in the Majority World than in Europe and North America. Yet most theological literature does not reflect the rising tide of Christian reflection coming from these regions. If we take seriously the Spirit’s movement around the globe, we must consider how the rich textures of Christianity in the Majority World can enliven, inform, and challenge all who are invested in the ongoing work of theology. As Christians have done throughout history, Majority World theologians today are seeking to faithfully interpret and apply Christianity in their own contexts. Their work and dialogue with one another is crucial for the mutual enrichment of theology, faith, and mission for the entire church.

Majority World Theology offers an unprecedented opportunity to enter such conversations on the core Christian doctrines with leading scholars from around the globe. Seeking to bring together the strongest theological resources from past and present, East and West, the volume editors have assembled a diverse team of contributors to develop insights informed by the questions of worldwide geographic and cultural contexts. This book features

  • a comprehensive overview of systematic theology with sections on the Trinity, Christology, pneumatology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology
  • contributors including Amos Yong, Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Victor I. Ezigbo, Wonsuk Ma, Aída Besançon Spencer, Randy S. Woodley, Munther Isaac, and Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen
  • explorations of how Scripture, tradition, and culture fit together to guide the church's theological reflection
  • scholars demonstrating how to read the Bible and think theologically in light of contextual resources and concerns
  • inside views on what doing theology looks like in contributors' cultures and what developments they hope for in the future

When we learn what it means for Jesus to be Lord in diverse places and cultures, we grasp the gospel more fully and are more able to see the blind spots of our own local versions of Christianity. Majority World Theology provides an essential resource for students, theologians, and pastors who want to expand their theological horizons.

Resource Experts
  • Demonstrates how to read the Bible and think theologically in light of contextual resources and concerns
  • Explores how Scripture, tradition, and culture fit together
  • Includes a comprehensive overview of systematic theology with sections on the Trinity, Christology, pneumatology, soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology
  • Part I: The Trinity Among the Nations: The Doctrine of God in the Majority World
  • Part II: Jesus Without Borders: Christology in the Majority World
  • Part III: The Spirit over the Earth: Pneumatology in the Majority World
  • Part IV: So Great a Salvation: Soteriology in the Majority World
  • Part V: The Church from Every Tribe and Tongue: Ecclesiology in the Majority World
  • Part VI: All Things New: Eschatology in the Majority World

Top Highlights

“with over 60 percent of the world Christian population living in Africa, Asia, and Latin America” (Page xi)

“Soteriology presupposes hamartiology (the doctrine of sin), but ‘sin’ (or the ‘power of sin’) is understood as all that impedes God’s creation of superabundant life.11 Yet salvation is not simply sin being broken, evil overcome, wrong forgiven. Salvation is also the broken image of God restored, God’s presence and love and justice fully realized, and paradise regained—encompassing the past and present to the end of time (eschaton).” (Page 357)

“The creeds, therefore, do not pay attention to the content of God’s kingdom, which should be fundamental to soteriology. However, when the historical actions of Jesus genuinely shape a broader vision of salvation, then the expectations of God’s reign described by the creeds become more meaningful.” (Page 407)

“Simply put, in trinitarian theology the threeness of God means that the threefoldness, or three persons of the Godhead, plays three roles in history for working out the drama of redemption.” (Page 7)

“The term one is used not in a quantitative (numerical) sense but in a qualitative sense to indicate the sovereignty of God in his nature, will, and action.” (Page 6)

[Jesus Without Borders] provides all of us with a kind of stereophonic listening to one another across the cultures that shape us but should not define us as Christians. The whole Majority World Theology series promises to be a refreshingly reciprocal contribution to global theology.

—Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership

A well-written and much-needed book. Through these essays [in Jesus Without Borders] the reader travels around the world and gets a flavor of the rich theological ferment underway in world Christianity.

—Emmanuel Katongole, University of Notre Dame

Different societies vary in exactly how they understand Christ’s gospel message in terms of their own culture. The rewarding essays in Jesus Without Borders offer an impressively wide-ranging survey of those diverse responses and understandings of Christology. Provocative and interesting.

—Philip Jenkins, Baylor University

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    Digital list price: $69.99
    Save $18.00 (25%)