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Products>Mobile Ed: LA181 Learn to Use Biblical Greek in Logos (10 hour course)

Mobile Ed: LA181 Learn to Use Biblical Greek in Logos (10 hour course)

, 2018–2020

Digital Logos Edition

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Learn to Use Biblical Greek makes extensive use of Logos tools and resources to teach beginning Greek grammar. Get an in-depth look at reverse interlinears, and understand important Greek lexicons and theological dictionaries and how to best use these resources in Logos. Learn how to do Greek word studies using the Word Study Workflow feature in Logos. Dr. Zacharias introduces you to Greek grammar—nouns, indicative verbs, non-indicative verbs, participles and infinitives, and other parts of speech like prepositions, adjectives, and pronouns.

Resource Experts
Upon successful completion you should be able to:
  • Make full use of reverse interlinears to increase your understanding of Scripture
  • Initiate and use a Word Study Workflow to understand the meaning and use of key biblical words
  • Avoid fallacious reasoning when conducting Bible word studies
  • Provide an overview of basic New Testament Greek grammar
  • Understand how Greek works through contrasts/comparisons to English grammar
  • Explain the function of the case system of Greek nouns
  • Describe how mood, aspect, tense, and voice affect the translation of Greek verbs
  • Explain the logic of Greek conditional sentences
  • Describe the uses of prepositions and conjunctions in Greek
  • Identify the uses of pronouns in the New Testament
  • Distinguish between different uses of the participle and the infinitive in Greek
  • Utilize basic Greek translation skills
  • Analyze the syntax of any New Testament verse in its original language with the help of Logos resources
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    4 ratings

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    1. Steele



      So, this has not been updated using logos 10 (or at least 9?) Are there any plans to make this current? To newer user's, such as myself, this adds a lot of time to a course that's already 10 hours in length.
    2. Bryan Geary

      Bryan Geary


      This course is primarily about how to do real Greek study using the tools available in Logos (somewhat) and not a course designed to teach you Biblical Greek. H. Daniel Zacharias clearly knows his stuff and walks you through many examples and illustrations of why and how you use particular works and some of the common problems to avoid for those of us who do not have a seminary degree or formal education in Greek. But it assumes a pretty broad library (I've definitely added a bunch of other resources to my library from what I learned) and the biggest issue for me was this appears to have been developed with Logos version 7 or 8. So the ways he shows you to use something do not always work and then you need to spend some time in the help or forums to figure out the way to do it in the current version when it is not readily apparent. Overall it is a really good resource. It recommends the Academic Platinum edition but I really just wish it would list the particular resources needed (like the BDAG lexicon, the TDNT dictionary and the NIDNTTE dictionary as examples) and I wish it was more up to date or at the very least had a "Using these features In Logos 10" that showed how to do some of these tasks (like bringing up the grid view for multiple versions of the Bible) in the recent version.
    3. Rev Jerald

      Rev Jerald


      This course teaches us biblical Greek language tools, not biblical Greek. A more appropriate name for this course would be Biblical Greek Language Tools. I wanted to learn biblical Greek. I wasted my money. This course will help us perform word studies.
    4. Matt DeVore

      Matt DeVore


    5. Benjamin Allen

      Benjamin Allen


      The best part of this course is that it teaches you how to use logos for Greek study, it really should be marketed for that. It also highlights the best resources to get when study. Thank you for making something like this for the self taught


    Collection value: $475.99
    Save $76.00 (15%)
    Payment plans available in cart