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Selected Works of Leon Morris (3 vols.)


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Leon Morris was a prolific New Testament scholar who authored many classic works including commentaries on John, Romans, and Matthew. This collection of three works displays his commitment to evangelical theology and faithful biblical studies. The volumes in this collection expand upon apocalyptic literature, love, and salvation with implications to others areas of biblical studies, theology, and practical life.

  • Surveys the general teaching of the New Testament on the atonement
  • Offers a thorough and instructive analysis of love in the Bible
  • Addresses the characteristics of apocalyptic writings and their relation to the gospel
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  • Author: Leon Morris
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1972
  • Pages: 88

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The study of apocalyptic—the body of ancient literature dealing with the end of the world—is vital to an understanding of the New Testament. Most of us, however, know very little about the subject—and if Leon Morris is correct, much of what we think we know is wrong.

In this brief introduction to apocalyptic, Morris brings together the results of a great deal of work that has been done on the subject by himself and others. In a clear and lucid style, he addresses himself to the characteristics of apocalyptic writings, the world from which they arose, and their relation to the gospel. “Apocalyptic is not a good medium for expressing the cruciality of the cross,” Morris concludes, “and in fact it does not express it . . . We cannot understand important sections of the New Testament without some knowledge of apocalyptic. But we cannot hold that apocalyptic contains the key to the whole. . . .”

Dr. Morris has established a tradition, and it is here maintained: evidence of wide reading, mastery of the sources, the exercise of an independent, critical judgment, courtesy and fairness towards all. Apocalyptic sets out the main points clearly, and will be a great help—especially to young seminarians.

—Canon R. A. Ward

Testaments of Love: A Study of Love in the Bible

  • Author: Leon Morris
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1981
  • Pages: 312

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Using the same exacting scholarship that has characterized his other books and commentaries, Leon Morris here offers a thorough and instructive analysis of love in the Bible—a topic that he believes has been neglected and misinterpreted by most biblical scholars.

Morris is particularly concerned with eliminating the cultural and personal biases he finds in many interpretations of love in the Bible. Striving for a truly biblical interpretation, he scrupulously examines the various Hebrew and Greek forms of the word in both the Old and New Testaments, concluding that love is the basis of God’s dealing with men and that Christians ought to demonstrate more authentic biblical love within and without the Christian community.

In the Old Testament, claims Morris, God’s loving actions are very apparent, even though the word love is seldom used. He points out that even in the prophetic books God obviously loves his people despite their frequent disobedience. And in the New Testament, the definitive expression of God’s love on the cross demonstrates that “God’s love is not simply a beautiful but detached emotion—it is a love that pays a price.”

Other topics discussed by Morris include natural affection, friendship, passion, eros, and agape. Throughout the study, he refers to specific biblical passages and supplements the text with abundant footnotes that summarize and evaluate helpful additional information from scores of sources.

There are few concepts more frequently misunderstood than the Biblical concept of love. Dr. Morris’s work is the most comprehensive and lucid treatment of this concept I’ve ever seen. It is a must for our times.

—R. C. Sproul

The Cross in the New Testament

  • Author: Leon Morris
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1965
  • Pages: 464

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From time to time in the study of theology it becomes necessary to evaluate what Scripture has to say on certain crucial doctrines of the faith. Leon Morris presents here a survey of the vast subject of atonement as it is considered in the New Testament, also taking into account the most significant work that has been written on the subject.

While Morris is concerned to emphasize the necessity of appreciating the many strands that are woven into the Christian doctrine of the atonement, he does not hesitate to criticize the views of modern scholars when those views are not wholly in accordance with the New Testament teaching. Here is a valuable apology, from an evangelical point of view, for the biblical doctrine of the atonement in the face of modern liberalism.

At the heart of this doctrine is the idea of substitution, Morris believes, and his thorough examination and defense of this view contribute to making this volume a theological treatise of great usefulness and significance.

Leon Morris (1914-2006) was one of Australia’s most prolific Bible scholars. He wrote over forty other books, including commentaries on Matthew, John, and Thessalonians.


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  1. David Leslie Bond
    Excellent, classic resources from an esteemed Australian scholar on the international scale. Still loved since his passing. Still stimulating in almost every reading.


Collection value: $65.97
Save $5.98 (9%)