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Products>Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches about the Unseen World—And Why It Matters

Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches about the Unseen World—And Why It Matters

ISBN: 9781577995586
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TODAY’S CHRISTIANS NEED A SUPERNATURAL WORLDVIEW. Start with a skeptical, naturalistic culture. Add the church’s tendency to avoid or gloss over difficult supernatural Bible passages. The result: most Christians miss the supernatural worldview of the ancient authors, and misunderstand Scripture. The Bible is full of passages that offer mysterious, little-known promises and revelations—but too often we misread them because we think, “This can’t mean what it seems to mean.” But it does. And one thing is for sure: Readers of this book will never read their Bibles in the same way again. Their understanding of God, and their hunger to find out more, will grow. While this book contains “mind bombs” that will intrigue and amaze the average Christian, they won’t undermine any core beliefs. Instead, readers will find themselves engaged in an enthusiastic pursuit of the truth, resulting in a new appreciation for God’s Word. A quick glance at the movie and book best-seller lists demonstrates that today’s culture is fascinated by the supernatural. The Bible has all of the supernatural drama with one unique difference—it’s all true.

Top Highlights

“The Serpent’s offspring is anyone who stands against God’s plan, just as he did.” (Page 39)

“Not only are we like God in some way, but we are also like the divine beings of his council.” (Page 29)

“Humans are basically God’s administration—his council—on earth.” (Page 30)

“Demons are the departed spirits of dead Nephilim killed before and during the flood. They roam the earth harassing humans and seeking re-embodiment.” (Pages 40–41)

“Watchers was a term used for divine beings of God’s council. It referred to how they were ever watchful over the affairs of humanity; they never slept.” (Page 22)

Michael S. Heiser

Dr. Michael S. Heiser was a former Scholar-in-Residence for Faithlife Corporation, the makers of Logos Bible Software. He then served as the Executive Director of the Awakening School of Theology and Ministry. His varied academic background enabled him to operate in the realm of critical scholarship and the wider Christian community. His experience in teaching at the undergraduate level and writing for the layperson both directly contributed to Logos’ goal of adapting scholarly tools for nonspecialists.

Dr. Heiser earned his PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages and holds an MA in ancient history and Hebrew studies. He was the coeditor of Old Testament Greek Pseudepigrapha with Morphology and Semitic Inscriptions: Analyzed Texts and English Translations, and he was able to do translation work in roughly a dozen ancient languages, including Biblical Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Ugaritic cuneiform. He specialized in Israelite religion (especially Israel’s divine council), contextualizing biblical theology with Israelite and ancient Near Eastern religion, Jewish binitarianism, biblical languages, ancient Semitic languages, textual criticism, comparative philology, and Second Temple period Jewish literature. In 2007 he was named the Pacific Northwest Regional Scholar by the Society of Biblical Literature.


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    This product is not currently available to purchase.