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An Introduction to the Greek New Testament

, 2019
ISBN: 9781433564093
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This short book, written as a companion to The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge, provides crucial information about the Tyndale House Edition in particular and the Greek New Testament in general.

Dirk Jongkind, one of the principal scholars behind this groundbreaking project, answers critical questions for understanding the biblical text so that you can have clarity and confidence as you engage with the New Testament in the original Greek.

Resource Experts
  • Your Greek New Testament and the Manuscripts
  • Practicalities
  • Manuscripts
  • How Decisions Are Made
  • Why Not the Textus Receptus?
  • Why Not the Byzantine Text?
  • Biblical Theology and the Transmission of the Text
  • Where to Go from Here?

Top Highlights

“The first contrast between the old and new covenant is that the old started with the giving of the written word so that it could be taught, obeyed, and believed, while the new covenant started with the teaching of Jesus that was to be obeyed and believed and was followed by the written word given to confirm and establish that teaching.” (Page 107)

“We used three criteria to determine which manuscripts to include: (1) all papyri, regardless of their age; (2) all majuscules from the fifth century and earlier; and (3) a selection of later manuscripts that provide additional support or are representative of important variations.” (Page 48)

“We have to avoid, though, trying to find a reason behind every irregular spelling. Consistency is a trait highly appreciated in modern spelling and writing, but this was not always the case in the past. It is easy to read too much into the details of spelling.” (Page 39)

“As editors, we hold that the Textus Receptus gives the text of the New Testament in a wording that shows many signs of being late, instead of being original.” (Page 87)

“First, nowhere in Scripture do we get an explicit treatment of textual variation” (Page 102)

The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge is one of the most exciting publications in biblical studies in the last decade. This new and user-friendly critical edition of the Greek New Testament now has a superb companion in Dirk Jongkind’s An Introduction to the Greek New Testament. Jongkind describes not only how the Tyndale House Edition came to be but also how any critical edition of the Greek New Testament came to be. Jongkind does a superb job explaining very technical topics related to manuscripts, textual variants, the Textus Receptus, and more, and explaining why it matters. Your seminary professor can teach you how to read Greek, but Jongkind teaches you how to read a critical edition of the Greek New Testament. A must-have resource for all students of biblical Greek.

—Michael F. Bird, Academic Dean and Lecturer in Theology, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

This introduction to The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge took me by surprise. Textual criticism is an arcane discipline not well served by the combative and abstruse writing of many of its practitioners. Jongkind’s elegant yet almost carefree style, however, is refreshing for its clarity, simplicity, and irenic tone. This book is a delight to read on its own. The author goes to great lengths to make The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge accessible. His introduction is even an excellent primer on New Testament textual criticism. Jongkind introduces the reader to manuscripts, textual theory, praxis, major textual problems, and even brief theological reflections on the reality of textual variants. It is no easy task to render this field of study within the grasp of any interested reader, and Dirk Jongkind has done so in a remarkably disarming manner.

—Daniel B. Wallace, Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary; Executive Director, Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts; author, Greek Grammar beyond the Basics

This book is the perfect introduction for reading and benefiting from The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge. An easy read, it is brimming with helpful information—not just for orienting the reader to the Greek New Testament but also for covering broader issues like the basic principles of textual criticism and even a biblical theology of the transmission of biblical texts. Anyone interested in how the New Testament is compiled, or in the texts that stand behind it, will delight in this terrific resource.

—Constantine R. Campbell, Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Dirk Jongkind (PhD, Cambridge University) is the academic vice principal and senior research fellow in New Testament text and language at Tyndale House, Cambridge. He is one of the principal scholars behind The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge and serves on the editorial board of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament.


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Digital list price: $12.99
Save $3.00 (23%)