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Products>The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge (THGNT)

The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge (THGNT)

, 2017

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The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge seeks to make a distinctive contribution by providing a text of the Greek New Testament that is based on the most recent scholarship and is rooted in the earliest manuscript witnesses, dating primarily from the fourth and fifth centuries and earlier. As noted by professor Geoffrey Horrocks (University of Cambridge), “The result of this groundbreaking research is an innovative and exciting Greek New Testament text.”

Produced at Tyndale House in Cambridge, England, this completely new edition of the Greek New Testament text was created under the oversight of editors Dr. Dirk Jongkind (St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge) and Dr. Peter Williams (Tyndale House, Cambridge). Together with their team of scholars, they have taken a rigorously philological approach to reevaluating the manuscripts—reexamining spelling and paragraph decisions as well as allowing more recent discoveries related to scribal habits in the earliest manuscripts to inform editorial decisions.

This resource contains the text and apparatus.

Resource Experts
  • Relies on the earliest manuscripts where feasible from the 5th century and earlier.
  • Includes a useful, but concise critical apparatus
  • Paragraphing in the edition also based on manuscript evidence, often diverging from modern paragraph decisions
  • Early spellings are retained on the basis of the manuscripts
The result of this groundbreaking research is an innovative and exciting Greek New Testament text.

–Geoffrey Horrocks, professor emeritus of Comparative Philology, University of Cambridge

A first-rate edition of the New Testament text, behind which stands an extraordinary amount of work on the earliest Greek manuscripts. . . . Lucidly and handsomely presented. . . . A volume that all New Testament scholars will want to have on hand.

–Simon Gathercole, reader in New Testament Studies, University of Cambridge; Fellow and Director of studies in Theology, Fitzwilliam College

A welcome addition to the tools available to students and scholars of the New Testament. A commendable distinguishing feature is the effort to represent more directly aspects of ancient manuscripts, such as the nature and placement of sense-unit divisions, which can be of particular relevance for exegesis.

–Larry W. Hurtado, professor emeritus of New Testament Language, Literature, and Theology, School of Divinity (New College), University of Edinburgh

  • Title: The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge
  • Author: Dirk Jongkind
  • Publisher: Crossway
  • Print Publication Date: 2017
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 2
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Resource ID: {C7D25DE1-4C82-4466-91A5-7C00D6416299}
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-02-03T20:42:40Z

Peter J. Williams is the Warden of Tyndale House and a member of the Faculty of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. He received his MA, MPhil and PhD, in the study of ancient languages related to the Bible from Cambridge University. After his PhD, he was on staff in the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University (1997–1998), and thereafter taught Hebrew and Old Testament there as Affiliated Lecturer in Hebrew and Aramaic and as Research Fellow in Old Testament at Tyndale House, Cambridge (1998–2003). From 2003 to 2007 he was on the faculty of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, where he became a Senior Lecturer in New Testament and Deputy Head of the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy. In July 2007 he became the youngest Warden in the history of Tyndale House. He also retains his position as an honorary Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies at the University of Aberdeen.

Dirk Jongkind is Academic Vice Principle and senior research follow in New Testament text and language at Tyndale House in Cambridge. He is an Associate Editor of the Tyndale Bulletin and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament. A fellow of St Edmund's College since 2005, he has served on a variety of committees and is currently Deputy Senior Tutor, involved in Graduate Admissions, and the Director of Studies for the Theology and Religious Studies degree at St Edmund's.


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  1. jesus



    Best Critical Greek of the NT!
  2. Forrest Cole

    Forrest Cole


  3. Thomas



  4. David



  5. Jim Darlack

    Jim Darlack


    I'm glad to see that the recent update included hyperlinking for all of the witnesses, so that one can easily see the date and description of the witnesses. It would be helpful to have other sigla linked as well (e.g., the diamond [♦ represents "variants that were in the eyes of the editors extremely close contenders for consideration for the main text"], or superscript numbers / asterisks [e.g., A* A² A³], or ᵛⁱᵈ with dots under the Greek letters). This is more of a critique of the THGNT rather than the Logos version, given that the explanations of these sigla are embedded in the text of the "Introduction."
  6. Nicholas Alsop
    When will the mobile version become available? I assume it will not cost more when the mobile version is made available, correct?
  7. Alan Macgregor
  8. Darcy S. Van Horn
    Will Logos produce a reader's edition? The print version from Crossway comes in a reader's version with a glossary of words occurring 25 times or less on the bottom of each page. That would be nice to have in Logos.
  9. John Goodman

    John Goodman


    Is it morphologically tagged? Interlinear?
  10. Rod Rogers

    Rod Rogers


    I don't see anything about the interlinear or reverse interlinear. They are free on the ESV website.


Collection value: $43.99
Save $14.00 (31%)