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Basic Bible Study Workflow

Digital Logos Edition

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The Basic Bible Study Workflow guides the user through the steps in the process of studying a passage of Scripture in Logos. Beginning with an initial reading of a passage of Scripture, the Bible Study Workflow encourages you to making observations on the passage as a whole. What people are involved? Who are they? What is their purpose in the narrative? What are the main themes or ideas?

Through a series of guided steps, the Basic Bible Study Workflow helps the user understand the Scripture in an accessible, but insightful study method. Through deliberate Bible study, it becomes possible to develop a deeper understanding of a Biblical passage and its historical, cultural, and literary contexts. As you work your way through the steps, record your observations and thoughts about your topic. You can even share your thoughts and insights with others when you are finished.

For an even better value, this workflow is also available in the collections listed below.

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