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Products>Redeeming Philosophy: A God-Centered Approach to the Big Questions

Redeeming Philosophy: A God-Centered Approach to the Big Questions

, 2014
ISBN: 9781433539466

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Life is full of big questions, like: “Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I find meaning?” The study of philosophy seeks to answer such questions. In his latest book, prolific author Vern Poythress investigates the foundations and limitations of Western philosophy, sketching a distinctly Christian approach to answering basic questions about the nature of humanity, the existence of God, the search for meaning, and the basis for morality. For Christians eager to engage with the timeless philosophical issues that have perplexed men and women for millennia, this is the place to begin.

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“Thus all three subdivisions—metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics—offer perspectives on one another. In many respects they presuppose one another.” (Page 19)

“People who believe in God have yet another form of metaphysical belief. They are saying that matter and motion are not everything. They believe that God exists, and that God created matter and motion—and extra layers as well. They would say that the materialists are ignoring many dimensions of reality, including God himself. And they would say that when people add layers of their own choosing, they are missing God’s way and God’s meanings by trying to substitute their own notions.” (Pages 15–16)

“ because the one person wants to do his thinking in submission to God, and the other does not.” (Page 26)

“Three of the main subdivisions are metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophical ethics.” (Pages 13–14)

“philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia, which means ‘love of wisdom” (Page 13)

Vern Sheridan Poythress (b. 1946) is an evangelical philosopher, theologian, and Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary where he has taught since 1976. In 1981 he was ordained as a teaching elder in the Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod, which later merged with the Presbyterian Church in America.


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    Digital list price: $21.99
    Save $4.00 (18%)