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The Journal of Biblical Literature, vol. 120

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The flagship journal of the Society of Biblical Literature, The Journal of Biblical Literature promotes critical and academic biblical scholarship and brings the highest level of scholarly expertise to bear on the study of biblical literature. The Logos edition of The Journal of Biblical Literature gives you access to nearly 20,000 pages of articles, reviews, and news published between 1981 and 2006, written by top scholars from the past two decades of biblical scholarship.

The powerful search tools in Logos give you instant access to all of the content in The Journal of Biblical Literature. You can search by author, topic, and Scripture passage—and find it all instantly. What’s more, Scripture texts are linked to the Greek and Hebrew texts—and the wealth of language resources in your digital library—and links within each volume of the journal allow you to quickly move from the table of contents to the index to the articles you need and back again. Save yourself from turning pages, cross-referencing citations, and unnecessarily complex research projects. The Logos edition of The Journal of Biblical Literature also allows you to cut and paste the content you need for citations—and automatically create footnotes in your document using your preferred style guide.

With The Journal of Biblical Literature, combined with the power of Logos, you have the most important tools you need for your research projects, sermon preparation, and biblical study!

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  • Lengthy book review section which covers the latest and most important publications from around the world
  • Annual index
  • Contributions from top scholars on the latest research in biblical scholarship

Top Highlights

“Through this process he has enabled his ‘brothers’ on earth to attain glory and honor as well” (Page 484)

“They warn, for example, that worship and preexistence language in regard to Christ is highly metaphorical imagery” (Pages 484–485)

“thus encapsulates the final point toward which the whole history of monarchy” (Page 258)

“The author justifies the Gentile mission through a variety of narrative devices (especially epiphanies, prophecies, and miracles) that prove its divine authorization and guidance. The origins and direction of the church’s growth, as well as its particular social arrangements, reveal a divinely determined plan that has the welfare of humanity for its scope. The church’s destiny is to create for God a λαός, a people drawn ‘from among the nations’ (15:14, cf. 18:10).” (Pages 78–79)

“The events in Caesarea are interpreted both as a replication of Pentecost (2:1–42), the defining moment of Christianity’s institutional history, and as a fulfillment of the dominical prophecy that had opened Luke’s account of that history (11:16; cf. 1:5).” (Page 91)

  • Title: The Journal of Biblical Literature, vol. 120
  • Editor: Gail R. O'Day
  • Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 792

Professor O’Day’s current research focuses on the Gospel of John, the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, the Bible and preaching, and the history of Biblical interpretation.


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    Print list price: $45.00
    Save $25.01 (55%)