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Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus: How a Jewish Perspective Can Transform Your Understanding

, 2018
ISBN: 9781493417445



What if you could sit down beside Jesus as he explained the Bible to you? What life-changing insights might emerge?

Vast treasures await us when we read the Scriptures as a native, through the eyes of one of Jesus’s first-century Jewish disciples. Combining careful research with engaging prose, Lois Tverberg acts as a master guide, transporting us across the cultural divide between our world and that of the Bible.

As we begin to understand “how the Bible thinks,” our own thinking will be transformed as well, and we will be able to approach God and the stories and teaching of Scripture with fresh insight. By opening our eyes to the way Middle Eastern people would have understood Jesus, Lois Tverberg takes us on a journey that will deepen our love of this very Jewish book, enriching our lives in the process.

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Key Features

  • Helps readers understand the Middle Eastern Jewish context of Scripture
  • Provides helpful reflection points and questions for going deeper after each chapter
  • Invites readers to examine their own cultural preconceptions


  • Opening the Bible with Jesus

Repacking Our Mental Bags: Tools for the Journey

  • Learning to Be There
  • What Does “Christ” Mean, Anyway?
  • Painting in Hebrew

How the Bible Thinks: Big Picture Ideas That You Need to Understand

  • Greek Brain, Hebrew Brain
  • Why Jesus Needs Those Boring “Begats”
  • Reading the Bible as a “We”
  • Like Grasshoppers in Our Own Eyes

Reading about the Messiah: Seeing Him through Hebrew Eyes

  • Memory Is Critical
  • Moses and the Prophets Have Spoken
  • Reading in the Third Dimension
  • Jesus’ Bold Messianic Claims
  • When the Words Catch Fire

Praise for the Print Edition

In her delightful style, Lois Tverberg engagingly leads us across cultures to begin to envision a different worldview, a worldview more consistent with the world of most of Scripture. In so doing, she brings alive biblical texts from the inside.

Craig S. Keener, F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

Thanks to the good work of biblical scholars, the historical Jesus of Nazareth is once again situated in his divinely designed Second Temple period Jewish context. The next critical step is to understand that hearing him in his original setting equips us to follow him more faithfully in ours. The latest from Lois Tverberg is a meaningful contribution to that end. Read this book for a more informed reading of The Book.

—James C. Whitman, president, Center for Judaic-Christian Studies

In Reading the Bible With Rabbi Jesus, Lois Tverberg opens up the Scriptures we all love and shines a fascinating new light on them. As she gracefully bridges the culture gap between Jesus' first Jewish followers and twenty-first century Christians and unites the Old and New Testaments, I found myself falling in love with the Bible all over again. Lois is a superb teacher, using story and gentle humor to great effect. I devoured this fascinating book. Highly recommended!

—Lynn Austin, author of Where We Belong

Product Details

  • Title: Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus: How a Jewish Perspective Can Transform Your Understanding
  • Author: Lois Tverberg
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Pages: 288
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Topic: Biblical Interpretation

Lois Tverberg has been speaking and writing about the Jewish background of Christianity for the past 20 years. Her passion is to translate the Bible’s ancient setting into fresh insights that deepen and strengthen Christian faith. She is cofounder of the En-Gedi Resource Center, an educational ministry with a goal of deepening Christian understanding of the Bible in its original context. A former professor, Tverberg currently lives in Holland, Michigan, and speaks at churches, conferences, and retreats. Learn more at ourrabbijesus.com.

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