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Fathers get wake-up call in book on raising daughters


New Kirkdale Press book helps fathers raise joyful, faithful daughters

BELLINGHAM, Wash., July 11, 2012 — Fatherhood is under siege in this country, with the number of absent and uninvolved fathers on the rise. It’s in this context of eroding relationships that Kirkdale Press has released David B. Van Heemst’s Splashing in Puddles: How to Be a Father to Your Daughter, a guide for fathers on not only how to be involved in their daughters’ lives, but why they need to be.

“I’ve talked with numerous adult females [about] their relationship with their dads,” says Van Heemst. “After hearing so many sad stories, I’ve concluded that young women are fortunate if their dads were either a small positive or a neutral influence on their lives. Something needs to change.”

Based on Van Heemst’s extensive academic research as well as his personal experience as the father of five daughters, Splashing in Puddles is a call from Van Heemst for a return to true fatherhood. He discusses how fathers need to cultivate their daughters’ spirit and spend time with them to ensure their foundation is rooted in Christ.

“The old idea was that dads raised boys and moms raised girls,” Van Heemst explains. “That idea is giving way to the cutting-edge idea that girls benefit in incredible ways when they have an involved dad. From health to education to self-esteem, the evidence is overwhelming that girls are significantly better off with an involved, healthy dad.”

Van Heemst proclaims Splashing in Puddles to be a rally cry for dads to be the fathers their daughters not only need, but deserve. “I wrote this book to dads, but I wrote it for daughters.”

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For more information on Splashing in Puddles, click here.

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