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The Christian Post: Pastor's Wife: 'Helper' Is a Position of Strength, Not Inferiority

BELLINGHAM, Wash., November 7, 2012 — Even in a nation where 1 in 5 people, reportedly, claim no spiritual affiliation whatsoever, the Bible and its words continue to have an impact in the lives of millions — and on the society in which they live.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the digital revolution has been about 30 years’ worth of continued development of digital resources for researching and studying the Bible. From the earliest Bible-on-diskette programs through today, access to the sacred text has increased and morphed with technology’s growth.

The latest iteration comes from Logos Bible Software of Bellingham, Wash., whose eponymous Logos 5 software is available now. The program integrates what its maker calls better search tools and customizable book collections with cloud-based options that let users share — and access — the thoughts of colleagues and even strangers via shared notes and outlines. You might be alone in a room as you study, but the digital “ivory tower” is a thing of the past, if you want it to be.

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