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Mobile Ed FAQ

Learn more about about Mobile Ed.

How do I apply for a Mobile Ed Certificate of Completion?

  1. Complete all Mobile Ed courses in this certificate program. This involves viewing all videos and taking all quizzes.
  2. Write a 750-word response on any topic covered for each course in the certificate program. Post your response to the appropriate Faithlife group in the comments section. Search course code here to find group.
  3. Email certificate@faithlife.com once you have completed all videos and quizzes and have posted responses in the appropriate Faithlife group for each Mobile Ed course in the certificate program. Please include your full name, title of completed certificate program, and links for each Faithlife group post in your email.
  4. Our certificate program team will review the application and email the Certificate of Completion once you have completed all requirements. Please allow 7–10 business days for review.

Will Mobile Ed courses work without a Logos base package?

Yes. You can enjoy a Mobile Ed course without owning any other Logos products. You’ll be able to watch the videos, read and search the transcript resources, and take all of the quizzes.

Are the books for course readings included in the price of the course?

The readings in Mobile Ed courses come from books published by a variety of different publishers and are not included in the price of the course.

Is there a list of all readings available for my course?

Yes. A spreadsheet listing each resource referenced is available in the Faithlife group specific to the course of study.

Which base package best complements Mobile Ed courses?

The screencast tutorial videos incorporated into Mobile Ed courses highlight some datasets and interactive media available only in the Gold base package and above.

What is the purpose of the course readings?

Our editors go through the material and carefully select readings that best complement the speakers’ content. Our goal with the reading links is to provide you with relevant readings that will enhance the course, further your learning, and help you make better use of your Logos library.

What are Certificate Programs?

Certificate Programs are collections of courses and resources carefully designed to give you skills and understanding in specific areas. These areas include Discipleship and Spiritual Formation, Missions and Church Planting, Old Testament, New Testament, Pastoral Care and Counseling, and Preaching.

What is the difference between Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced programs of study?

The different levels of study build upon one another. The Intermediate and Advanced programs include additional courses and resources that dig deeper into the subject matter.

Is Mobile Ed associated with a specific school or denomination?

Mobile Ed works with many different professors from a variety of disciplines and institutions that represent a diverse range of theological positions. See our Faculty page for detailed bios of each of our professors.

Are Mobile Ed courses accredited?

Currently, the only credential available for Mobile Ed courses are unaccredited certificates of completion.

Who sees my quiz scores?

The quizzes in each Mobile Ed course are for self-assessment only. You can take each quiz as many times as you want to check your comprehension of the material.

Can I watch Mobile Ed content on my TV?

Mobile Ed videos can be played on televisions connected to a Roku device via the Faithlife TV channel and Apple TV via AirPlay from iOS devices and Mac laptops. Mobile Ed does not currently support Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Google TV. Users without a Roku or Apple TV can configure a TV to run as a secondary monitor using compatible hardware.

Can I view Mobile Ed content outside of Logos Bible Software?

Mobile Ed resources can be viewed in Logos mobile apps or on the web at Biblia.com.

Can I listen to my Mobile Ed course as an audiobook?

All Mobile Ed courses will soon have audio-only versions available for download. Currently you can download video content only.

How many screencast tutorials are there per course?

Each Mobile Ed course contains around 10 screencast tutorials to help deepen your understanding and practical application of Logos Bible Software. These screencasts are integrated into the course material and help supplement the professor’s lecture material by equipping you to learn more efficiently and perform better research.

How much space does my downloaded Mobile Ed course take up on my hard drive?

In most cases videos will use streaming for playback. If you choose to download the videos so that you can view your Mobile Ed course offline, the average course will take up 6 GB of storage space.

Can I learn in community with peers?

Yes! There is a Faithlife Group for every Mobile Ed course. Go to faithlife.com and search for your course. Follow the group and start discussing the course content with peers.