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Study the Bible on the Go with This Free (& Almost Free) App

Perhaps you’ve heard how Logos 9 can help you study the Bible—and maybe you even poked around on to see what all the fuss is about. You likely saw some of the powerful new features and thought, This. Looks. Really. Cool. But . . .

We know some of you aren’t sure about making the investment—or are concerned you’ll make the investment and find out it’s not quite what you want.

Well, good news!

We just released two new versions of Logos 9—one FREE and one at an incredibly low cost—to give you a chance to take Logos out for a spin. (We know you’ll love it!).

Logos 9 Basic

With the free version, Logos 9 Basic, you can try out a handful of powerful features to get a taste of what Logos 9 can do. You can download it right now (we’ll send you an email explaining how to access Logos on all your devices!) and start using some of our favorite features in seconds.

Already have Logos Basic? Update for free, and get all the new books and features.

What’s in it

A big hit with the release of Logos 9 is the improved Factbook, and yep, you get it in Basic. The Factbook lets you see the big picture of a word or topic with just a few clicks.

All you have to do is click the Factbook icon in the Logos navigation bar and enter the word, phrase, or topic in the search bar that you want to explore more. (You can also find the Factbook in Tools).

We’ll use the phrase “Book of Deuteronomy” as an example. I just typed it in, and Logos offered me a list of options—I opened the first one, Book | Named Text, and voila! I can read a key article from the Lexham Bible Dictionary, check out related media like maps and even information on archaeological discoveries, and see a list of key passages.

screenshot showing how to study the Bible using Logos 9 Bible software

Further down, you can expand the Bible Book Guide, which breaks down Deuteronomy with links to resources that give you more information on the overview of Deuteronomy, the book’s origin (authorship, date, and purpose), and background.

Gathering all that information on your own could take hours, but Logos organizes it for you in a few clicks—preparing you to better understand what you’ll read in Deuteronomy.

Factbook is just one feature in Logos 9 Basic you’ll love. You’ll also have some of our longtime (but improved) favorite features, like the Notes Tool (a robust note-taking system that’s like a stand-alone notes app built just for Bible study) and a newer Logos-user favorite, Workflows.

Workflows can walk you through every step of an inductive Bible study on a Bible passage, like Colossians 1:15–23. Start by opening the Guides menu on the Home Page, selecting Inductive Bible Study, typing Colossians 1:15–23 in the search field, and clicking the passage in the dropdown. A workflow opens with step-by-step instructions for exploring that passage by making observations, reading the passage multiple times and in different versions, identifying important words, and more.

screenshot showing how to study the Bible using Logos 9 Bible software

(You’ll also get Workflows to do a Basic Bible Study or even a Devotional.)

And when you need to give your eyes a rest, you can easily switch to the new dark mode feature. Here’s what that same Factbook entry for the book of Deuteronomy looks like:

screenshot showing how to study the Bible using Logos 9 Bible software dark mode

Logos Basic includes resources like the Faithlife Study Bible, Easton’s Bible Dictionary, Confessions of St. Augustine, and DIY Bible Study (with over 90 DIY Bible Study videos).

But on top of that, we’ve added 14 new books you’ll have fun digging through, like:

See all the resources included in Logos Basic.

And you don’t have to be sitting at your computer to use Logos—with the Logos Mobile app, you can access your Logos tools and resources wherever you are and keep reading and studying without a hitch.

how to get free Bible software to study the Bible

Logos 9 Fundamentals

While the tools in Logos 9 Basic are powerful, you might need more than what’s there for your work as a small group or ministry leader. For under $50, Logos 9 Fundamentals is a great place to start.

What’s in it?

With Logos 9 Fundamentals, you’ll benefit from a more robust library of resources and tools to start you off with your studies (including over 40 resources valued at over $1,400 for under $50). That includes Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias, solid commentaries, Bible translations, and word study resources.

(Did I have you at “valued at over $1,400 for under $50”?)

And every word in every resource is searchable to bring new depth to your time in the Word.

Fundamentals also gives you several datasets. Datasets are collections of separate sets of information that have been grouped together into a single, searchable unit—like Biblical Events, Biblical People, and Parables of the Bible—to power some pretty amazing features in Logos.

The best part is you don’t need to “do” anything to make them work . . . only open one of the many tools or resources that pulls from a particular dataset and use it.

Plus, you’ll have other features to aid your studies, like the Courses Tool and the Biblical Event Navigator, and interactives like Miracles of the Bible and Names of God.

But it’s not just the study tools that make Fundamentals so appealing. You’ll have access to trustworthy books key for deeper Bible study like:

But with Logos 9 Fundamentals you also get A Concise New Testament Theology, Foundations of the Christian Faith, All the Songs in the Bible, and many other resources new to Logos 9 Fundamentals—like this gem: Carta’s Historical Atlas of Jerusalem. (Having access to this lavishly illustrated Bible atlas with its color maps of Bible lands in biblical times and today is reason enough to invest in Logos 9 Fundamentals!)

And remember how cool the Factbook feature is? With Fundamentals, you get it on mobile, too (plus other mobile app features), so you can start or continue your research on the go.

Intrigued? See all the resources in Logos 9 Fundamentals.

How to access Logos 9 Basic and Fundamentals

With Logos 9 Basic and Fundamentals, you can:

  • study the Bible from the mobile app
  • study the Bible on the desktop app
  • study the Bible online at

It can’t get easier!


Start to study the Bible with everything in Fundamentals (and save over $1,400 over buying all the resources in Fundamentals individually) for under $50. For anyone wanting to study the Bible deeper without draining your pocketbook, that’s a no-brainer.

Get Logos 9 Fundamentals or download Logos 9 Basic for free—and start using Logos (anywhere!) today.*

how to get Bible software to study the Bible for under $50.

Written by
Karen Engle

Karen Engle is a copy editor for Faithlife. She has a master's in biblical studies and theology from Western Seminary and frequently takes groups to Israel.

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Written by Karen Engle