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Biblical Event Navigator

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Understand the Bible’s timeline

Grasping the chronology of the Bible has never been easier. This new interactive resource arranges major Bible events in chronological order and allows you to drill down to specific events, or zoom out for a broad overview. Glance through the chronological list, and you’ll see the event title, its Bible reference, and a link to open the Factbook for further exploration.

  • See how all the events of the Bible fit together
  • Get a big-picture view of biblical chronology
  • Visualize the timeline of biblical events

How it works:

  • Arranges the events of the Bible into a collapsible outline
  • Covers all narrative events in the Old and New Testament
  • Links to your preferred Bible and Factbook entries


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  1. Jonathan Rhein
    I really like the idea of this resource! I wish however it was a little more detailed. The Assyrian exile e.g. starts with "Assyria conquers Samaria" referencing 2Ki 17:4-6. There is however already mention of first deportations to Assyria in 2Ki 15:29 / 1Chr 5:6.26. Will this ever be updated in the future?