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Foundations of the Christian Faith

Format: Digital
, 1986
ISBN: 9780830866113


In one systematic volume, James Boice provides a readable overview of Christian theology. Whether teacher or student, pastor or layperson, Foundations of the Christian Faith will provide a rich source of Scriptural knowledge, covering all the major doctrines of Christianity. Boice maintains a remarkable practicality and thoroughness that have made this a standard reference and text for over two decades.

With scholarly rigor and a pastor's heart, Boice carefully opens the topics of the nature of God, the character of his natural and special revelation, the fall, and the person and the work of Christ. He then goes on to consider the work of the Holy Spirit in justification and sanctification. The book closes with careful discussion of ecclesiology and eschatology.

It is imperative for modern Christians to develop a greater understanding of the Bible and God. As Boice states in the first chapter, "We do not have a strong church today, nor do we have many strong Christians. We can trace it to an acute lack of sound spiritual knowledge. Why is the Church weak? Why are individual Christians weak? It is because they have allowed their minds to be conformed to the 'spirit of this age,' with its mechanistic, godless thinking… A weak God produces no strong men, nor does he deserve to be worshiped. A strong God, the God of the Bible, is a source of strength to those who know Him… So let us learn about God and come to know God in the fullest, biblical sense… This is true wisdom for everyone. It is the special duty and privilege of the Christian."

  • Part 1: The Knowledge of God
  • Part 2: The Word of God
  • Part 3: The Attributes of God
  • Part 4: God's Creation
  • Part 1: The Fall of the Race
  • Part 2: Law and Grace
  • Part 3: The Person of Christ
  • Part 4: The Work of Christ
  • Part 1: The Spirit of God
  • Part 2: How God Saves Sinners
  • Part 3: The Life of a Christian
  • Part 4: The Work of God
  • Part 1: Time and History
  • Part 2: The Church of God
  • Part 3: A Tale of Two Cities
  • Part 4: The End of History
Boice has succeeded admirably… Seldom has this reviewer seen such solid biblically-based scholarship.

Review for Religion

Readers will find encouragement and strength from the biblical truths Boice so capably presents… Boice sets a fresh pace of presenting theological concepts in a form that is vital and applicable to life.

Bibliotheca Sacra

Should not be overlooked by pastors who may want to some help in doctrinal preaching.

The Presbyterian Journal

A welcome addition to the Bible student or church library.

Evangelical Beacon

It would be difficult not to be helped by reading this fine material.

Christianity Today

Boice winsomely presents traditional evangelical theology in a manner both biblical and practical.


Both substantive and timely, [this book is] in the vanguard of a new kind of work which an educated laity has long needed and is now demanding… Boice has succeeded in explaining to layreaders the practical value of a biblically grounded theology… the result is a practical and perceptive discussion of doctrine which is meaningful and helpful. It provides an ideal foundation upon which Christians can integrate their faith and their learning.

Journal of Psychology and Theology

Definitely a possibility for the pastor’s shelf, this book is also a good doctrinal reference work.

Mennonite Brethren Herald

Highly recommended.

—Dallas Theological Seminary

No one need ever again feel that the issues of theology are beyond their grasp.

Journal of Psychology and Theology

  • Title: Foundations of the Christian Faith: A Comprehensive and Readable Theology
  • Author: James Montgomery Boice
  • Publisher: InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date: 1986
  • Pages: 740

James Boice (1938-2000) was the pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, the teacher on "The Bible Study Hour" radio program and chairman of the board of City Center Academy. He held a B.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Theology from the University of Basel in Switzerland. In addition to authoring numerous journal articles, he was a consulting editor for the Expositor's Bible Commentary. His books and commentaries include Foundations of God's City and the five-volume work The Gospel of John.