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For those who want to begin digging into Scripture for themselves, Logos 9 Fundamentals is the smart choice.

An essentials-only package, Fundamentals helps you find biblical insights fast without getting overwhelmed. It offers the breadth of what a good Bible study library should have but leaves the depth to other base packages, so that it remains more accessible and affordable.

This library includes:

  • Audio Bibles
  • Commentaries
  • Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • Devotionals
  • Theological works
  • Several English translations and interlinears
  • And more

But Logos is more than a library of digital resources. In Logos, every resource is interconnected through smart tools that find and reveal insights for you. It’s like having a personal Bible study assistant who can search your entire library in seconds.

First time buying a base package? For a limited time, you can get Revelation Verse by Verse when you purchase Logos 9 Fundamentals. Learn more.

Dynamic pricing is not available for this product. For more advanced features, see Logos 9 Starter or Logos 9 Bronze

  • Connect your favorite commentary with any Bible
  • Get instant information on biblical people, places, events, and objects
  • Find the right results with one search
  • Quickly find all of the references to God and where they occur in both the Old and New Testaments
  • Engage the Word with new interactive media
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In the Logos edition, Logos Bible Software gives you the tools you need to use these digital volumes effectively and efficiently. With your digital library, you can search for verses, find Scripture references and citations instantly, and perform word studies. Additionally, important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, commentaries, theology texts, and other resources in your library. Perform powerful searches to find exactly what you’re looking for. Take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.


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  1. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia


    Do you have it in Spanish? I’m searching for it but I don’t find it anymore.

  2. Randall Barkman
  3. Lee Weissel

    Lee Weissel


  4. PaulC



    Training wheels for non-seminarians; save your money.

  5. Mary



  6. Phillip Jay Wilson
  7. Dale Durnell, Retired UM Clergy
    I'm confused -- I seriously thought I already owned everything that was included in "Logos 9 Fundamentals." Apparently I missed something. I opened the "Resources Included" and found one (1) resource which I did not own: "An Introduction to the New Testament: Contexts, Methods, and Ministry Formation, 2nd ed." The price was $44.99. (Not a bad price, so I bought it and added it to my library). So, here's my hangup -- I got a "recommendation" for Logos 9 Fundamentals, for the great price of $99.99. However, comma, the *ONLY* resource in the Fundamentals was a single resource for $44.99. WHY?? Why, oh Lord, should I pay an extra $55 for a collection I already own most of, and which for $55 less than the collection price, I can own the entire collection. This isn't the first time the prices on Logos.com haven't made sense to me -- I have made several other purchases in the last few years when a resource I want. I then see that that resource is available in a collection I don't own. Why would I pay the higher price, even as offered on a "special" price when a collection I don't have has a significantly lower price? And *NOW,* now that I own every resource in the Logos 9 Fundamentals collection, is it not saying "already owned?" Blessings Dale

  8. Lalchhanhima Khiangte
  9. Howard Stai

    Howard Stai


  10. Socorro Santiago
    Do you have the program in spanish

Enjoy Logos 9 Fundamentals at $49.99!


Regular price: $99.99
Save $50.00 (50%)