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The Confessions of Saint Augustine

ISBN: 9781629110882
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The Confessions of St. Augustine has a special place among the world’s greatest books. As Augustine reflects upon his life in the light of Scripture and the presence of God, he reveals how you can find the way to rest securely in Jesus, discern good from evil, avoid false spiritual pursuits, and know the will of God. He begins with his infancy, pondering the many sins of his life before his conversion, and he confesses not only his sins but even more the greatness of God. Here is the timeless conflict between good and evil, portrayed through the life of one man who found spiritual growth and unshakable faith. Just as Augustine did, you can experience the unspeakable joy of being pure and righteous before God, regardless of your past.

Top Highlights

“What is more miserable than a wretched being who does not pity himself, weeping over Dido who died out of love for Aeneas, but not weeping over his own death for lack of loving You, O God?” (source)

“Will any of sound discretion approve of my being beaten as a boy because, by playing at ball, I made less progress in studies that would only lead me to play more unbecomingly when I became a man?” (source)

“Or can there elsewhere be derived any vein, which may stream essence and life into us, except from You, Lord, in whom essence and life are one? For You Yourself are supremely essence and life.” (source)

“There is no doubt, then, that a free curiosity has more force in our learning these things than a frightful enforcement” (source)

“Let him rejoice even thus and be content by not discovering it to discover You, rather than by discovering it, not to discover You.” (source)

Product Details

  • Title : The Confessions of Saint Augustine
  • Author: Augustine, Saint
  • Publisher: Whitaker House
  • Publication Date: 1996
  • ISBN: 9781629110882

Aurelius Augustinus (354–430) is often simply referred to as St. Augustine or Augustine Bishop of Hippo (the ancient name of the modern city of Annaba in Algeria). He is the preeminent Doctor of the Church according to Roman Catholicism, and is considered by Evangelical Protestants to be in the tradition of the Apostle Paul as the theological fountainhead of the Reformation teaching on salvation and grace.


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    Digital list price: $3.99
    Save $1.00 (25%)