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Easton's Bible Dictionary provides informative explanations of histories, people and customs of the Bible. It is an excellent and readily understandable source of information for the student and layperson and one of Matthew George Easton's most significant literary achievements.

Resource Experts
  • Third and final edition of one of the world's most trusted Bible dictionaries, published over a century ago
  • Contains strong explanations of almost 4,000 bible words
  • All Scripture references appear on mouse-over

Top Highlights

“ were also formed for the same purposes, and lined with cement. These were used after the same manner.” (Page 516)

“endeavouring to awaken in them a sense of their sinfulness, and to lead them to repentance.” (Page 600)

“Kingdom of God(Matt. 6:33; Mark 1:14, 15; Luke 4:43) = ‘kingdom of Christ’ (Matt. 13:41; 20:21) = ‘kingdom of Christ and of God’ (Eph. 5:5) = ‘kingdom of David’ (Mark 11:10) = ‘the kingdom’ (Matt. 8:12; 13:19) = ‘kingdom of heaven’ (Matt. 3:2; 4:17; 13:41), all denote the same thing under different aspects, viz.: (1) Christ’s mediatorial authority, or his rule on the earth; (2) the blessings and advantages of all kinds that flow from this rule; (3) the subjects of this kingdom taken collectively, or the Church.” (Page 408)

“This feast was designed (1) to be a memorial of the wilderness wanderings, when the people dwelt in booths (Lev. 23:43), and (2) to be a harvest thanksgiving (Neh. 8:9–18). The Jews, at a later time, introduced two appendages to the original festival, viz., (1) that of drawing water from the Pool of Siloam, and pouring it upon the altar (John 7:2, 37), as a memorial of the water from the rock in Horeb; and (2) of lighting the lamps at night, a memorial of the pillar of fire by night during their wanderings.” (Page 651)

“Jasper(Heb. yashpheh, ‘glittering’), a gem of various colours, one of the twelve inserted in the high priest’s breast-plate (Ex. 28:20). It is named in the building of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:18, 19). It was ‘most precious,’ ‘clear as crystal’ (21:11). It was emblematic of the glory of God (4:3).” (Page 360)

  • Title: Easton’s Bible Dictionary
  • Author: Matthew George Easton
  • Publisher: Harper & Brothers
  • Print Publication Date: 1893
  • Logos Release Date: 2001
  • Pages: 755
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible › Dictionaries
  • Resource ID: LLS:14.0.10
  • Resource Type: Encyclopedia
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2024-03-25T18:56:20Z

Matthew George Easton was a Scottish Presbyterian preacher and writer. His most notable work was the Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, better known as Easton's Bible Dictionary. Among his other works are the English translations of two commentaries by Franz Delitzsch, a German Lutheran theologian.


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  1. Jim Ed Hodges
    Compared to several other dictionaries, this one is the only one that describes Diblaim, the father of Gomer, as a woman. If you choose to use it, make sure and compare its results against others.
  2. Alma Valenzuela
  3. J-P O

    J-P O


  4. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker


  5. constantine ekeh
  6. Edde Anderson
  7. Br Damien-Joseph OSB


Digital list price: $16.49
Save $4.00 (24%)