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The New Manners and Customs of Bible Times

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The Bible was written in a culture and land vastly different from our own. It is essential that we understand the manners and customs of the time in order to fully understand scripture. The New Manners and Customs of Bible Times will open your eyes to the life-styles and customs of the Bible's writers and characters, giving you a clearer understanding of God's Word. You will be enlightened by reading about the people and times of the Bible and learning about the world that they lived in; from Moody Press.

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  • Title: The New Manners and Customs of Bible Times
  • Authors: Ralph Gower
  • Publisher: Moody Press
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 400

Ralph Gower is currently the minister of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Ainsdale, in the north west of England. He has spent most of his life in the area of religious education as teacher, lecturer, researcher, administrator and inspector, and has written educational material for teachers and children. He has contributed articles to various Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias and is the author of Frontiers, Religious Education in the Junior Years, Religious Education in the Infant Years, and Life in New Testament Times.