Meet the New Proclaim Church Presentation Software

All-New Proclaim Church Presentation Software

Since its inception, Proclaim Church Presentation Software was designed to help your team collaborate on beautiful church presentations quickly. The second generation of Proclaim takes that to a whole new level. New features and an updated interface make the software faster and more intuitive. Combine that with more built-in automation and you have a powerful time-saver.

Your entire team can try the all-new Proclaim free.

Church presentations made easy

Link your SongSelect account with Proclaim, pick a song, and Proclaim will automatically format the lyrics onto slides for you. You no longer need to spend time typing out lyrics, fighting with formatting, searching for typos, or citing your sources. Proclaim takes care of all those details for you.

With the release of Proclaim 2.0, you no longer need to track your song usage either. Proclaim will track the songs you sing each week and build a custom CCLI report for your church. Proclaim tracks the details you need to stay compliant with CCLI, like the song’s title, CCLI number, and date sung, and provides your team with a high-level view of what you sing and how often.

Proclaim’s automatic formatting is another feature that will save you hours of time. Proclaim comes loaded with hand-crafted church media you can use and then takes your text and formats the text size, color, and position to fit each slide’s background. It’s like having a professional artist carefully design each slide for you. Plus, if you decide to change the background image Proclaim instantly rearranges the slide to make sure it still looks awesome. So go ahead and try two dozen different slide backgrounds, Proclaim will keep everything looking great.

With Proclaim 2.0, you gain more slide customization options without losing the automatic formatting function. Group slides and edit them all at once, customize the transition duration to help set a specific mood for your service, and change your slide’s background by simply dragging-and-dropping an image from your computer onto the slide.

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Built-in, stress-free sermon recording

Proclaim doesn’t just take the stress out of building beautiful slides though, it also makes sermon recording and publishing a breeze. With Proclaim, you no longer have to worry about the volunteer in the sound booth forgetting to start the recording. Simply set “Start Recording” and “Stop Recording” cues in your presentation and Proclaim will automatically record the service’s audio and the presentation slides in sync.

When the service is over, you have the option to either edit the recording or publish it right away—all from within Proclaim. With a click, you can publish the recording to your church’s Faithlife Group, social media page, iTunes account, or you can embed a widget on your church website that automatically updates to show the latest sermon as soon as it’s published.

With the latest release of Proclaim, you can also share any presentation slide to your church’s Faithlife Group or social media channel with a click, making it easy to share the key passage being studied or the announcement slide about next weekend’s community BBQ.

All this automation adds up to less time creating presentations and more time in ministry.

We have very thematic, multimedia services. Proclaim has been phenomenal. I love the way it flows song lyrics automatically, and the Pro Media is fantastic. Our presentations and services have a professional polish that takes everything to the next level and helps us emphasize the message. —Rev. Michael Junkroski

Try the new Proclaim free.

Work together from anywhere

From selecting songs to creating announcements to preparing sermon slides to designing bulletins it takes a team to create a meaningful worship experience and Proclaim was built to leverage the power of your entire team.

A single Proclaim subscription unlocks a free account and a free download of Proclaim for every member of your team. You’re free to invite as many people as you need to contribute to your presentation. Your team can use Proclaim on Mac and PC for no additional charge. Presentations automatically save to the cloud so everyone is always working on the most up-to-date version of the presentation. Plus, your team can use the in-app messenger to stay in sync. Proclaim even tells you who edited the presentation last and when.

With Proclaim version 2.0, updates to the confidence monitor provide your sound tech with more ways to communicate with your team on stage. Not only can your sound tech tell your pastor through a message that he needs to speak louder or slow down, but now he can have a timer displayed on the confidence monitor that counts up or down. The timer can turn red when the service is going over. Of course with these improvements we may no longer see hilarious confidence monitor messages like, “Wrap it up I’m hungry”.

Allowing multiple people to access the program, and to do so at home or office, is a great feature that gives us tremendous flexibility and productivity.—Pastor Dale McCoy

Try the new Proclaim free.

Control the big screen from your little screen

With the Proclaim Remote app you eliminate the awkward moments of trying to communicate with your tech person that it’s time to change the slide. Your worship leader can advance slides, your pastor can view private notes, and your lead guitarist can use it as a confidence monitor on his music stand. Plus it works over a local WiFi network, so it’s reliable without Internet connection.

Proclaim 2.0 adds a timeline of the slides to the bottom of the app so you can see the current slide in context of the entire presentation. The new app also makes it easier to view your notes and access your Quickscreens. Plus, multitasking is now available on iPads so you can view both the Logos and Proclaim apps side by side.

Proclaim makes it simple to manage my presentations . . . I love the tools and convenience built into Proclaim and the Proclaim team’s support and service. They are second to none! Proclaim is perfect for our church, and I’ll bet it’s perfect for yours, too!—Pastor Andrew Zoll

Try Proclaim free

Proclaim really is setting a new benchmark for projection software. . . Their attention to detail and deep understanding of software interaction has helped them hit it out of the park with Proclaim.—Worship Leader Magazine

You can try Proclaim free. We’ll even give your team unlimited access to our Pro Media library of more than 10,000 hand-crafted motion backgrounds and still images for the month.

Written by
Kristen Schafer

Kristen serves as Faithlife's Integrated Marketing Manager and has been with the company for over eight years. She loves taking new products to market and helping churches solve tech problems. In her spare time, Kristen loves to run. She and her husband live in Bellingham, WA.

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Written by Kristen Schafer