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Greek Is Easier Than
You Think

Learn Greek Essentials in a Weekend

Ever been puzzled by Greek words in a commentary or biblical resource? Next time you’ll know exactly how to pronounce them. Learn the essentials in just a few hours with this course of engaging videos, games, memory exercises, and quizzes.

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Master the ABC's of Biblical Greek

  • Recite the alphabet.
  • Pronounce any Greek word you encounter.
  • Read biblical passages aloud in Greek.
  • Begin learning Greek vocabulary words.

Self-paced, In-depth & Never Overwhelming

Because the course is split into brief segments you can dive in anytime without being overwhelmed. Study on your phone or tablet, online, or on the Logos desktop app.

“Excellent course. I learned how to read the New Testament in Greek within a week!”

— Joe Teixido

“I thought getting started with Greek would be hard. This course made it easy and a lot of fun!”

— Raymond Lo

“I was looking for a way to brush up on Greek and this course was a helpful tool to begin the process!”

— Chad Haygood