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Part-Time Seminary,
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How Andrew Daw used Logos to thrive in seminary


resources in Andrew’s Logos library


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less time spent gathering data, on average

While full-time work fills his days, love of the Word fills his life. He’s also a theologian and an active member of the local church. He’s even served as a Bible translator for the Cornish Bible Project.

The problem Andrew needed to solve

Andrew wanted to complete a theology degree, but he was anxious. His college was three hours away, and he needed top-notch sources for his research-level thesis. He knew that every thesis stands or falls on its sources, but where could he find them without a good theological library nearby?

Plus, as a part-time student doing a full-time job—time and money were at a premium.

How Logos helped bridge the gap

Since Andrew wouldn’t abandon his commitment to quality theological research, he decided to try Logos—and found it made a big difference. Andrew says, “Logos’ search instantly transformed my enquiries from a time-consuming drudgery that might take hours to a relatively easy process, which might take minutes.”

Andrew’s study throughout seminary was not only faster but also much more budget-friendly and available around the clock. He says, “Logos provided me with easy access to the resources that I needed at every stage of my thesis . . . and the cost was lower than I had anticipated.”

With only a few clicks, Andrew had the commentaries, monographs, primary sources, and other resources he needed to build his argument. Here’s a peek at the kind of research he did in Logos:

  • Picked up where he left off in Hebrew and Greek key manuscripts and apparatuses with custom Saved Layouts

  • Compared the Dead Sea Scrolls’ composite quotation from Isaiah and its hermeneutic in Luke 4:16–30 with the hermeneutic for Isaiah in contemporary Jewish literature

  • Reviewed Latin, Syriac, and Coptic translations as the most ancient translations of the primary sources

And on top of round-the-clock access to all those resources, Andrew could find what he needed in moments through “custom searches that would previously have been quite impossible.”

Andrew today

Andrew successfully completed his thesis examining Luke’s account of Jesus’ visit to the synagogue in Luke 4:16–30. He earned his Master of Letters from Trinity College Bristol, and his lifetime of biblical research continues.

Now he’s on to new study pursuits with Logos, like using the Bible Word Study feature to research quotations and allusions from the Old Testament (including comparing Hebrew words with their Septuagint equivalents).

“I am not aware of any other research tool with the scope of Logos at its price point, and I have asked around. In my opinion it is the stand-out product for Christians involved in biblical research at all levels. It has really made a difference to me, and I anticipate that it will continue to do so for some time.”

—Andrew Daw, Master of Letters

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