1. Take Flight! Explore little-known chapters of the Christian story from far-flung destinations around the globe.
  1. Get the perfect gift!

    Create a wish list of your favorite Logos.com resources, and then share your list with friends and family. They can purchase you gifts from that list with ease–and if you’d receive a discount on those items, they will too!

    To get started, fill your list with must-have titles, and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Faithlife, Google+, or by email. Your perfect gift is just a share away.

    Get started with these 3 simple steps

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      Start browsing. When you find an item you want, click “Add to wish list.”

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      Share the link to your wish list with your friends and loved ones.


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    Q: How can friends and family members purchase items from my list?

    A: You need to share a link to your list. Without a direct link, your list remains anonymous.

    Q: Do I have to be signed into my Logos account to add items to my wish list?

    A: Yes. To add your selections to your list, you must be signed into your Logos account.

    Q: Do I need to make a wish list before I can start adding items to the list?

    A: No. We automatically create a wish list for you the first time you add an item to your wish list.

    Q: Does the person I share my wish list with need to have a Logos account?

    A: Yes. If the purchaser does not already have an account they will be prompted to create one when they place their order.

    Q: If my wish list is set to private, can I still share it?

    A: When sharing your list, you’ll be prompted to change your privacy setting from “private” to “shared.” People will not have access to a private list.