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A Bible Study Library
with Built-In Tools

Step-by-Step Bible Study Instructions

Choose the type of study you need to do—like inductive Bible study or sermon prep—and Logos walks you through each step.
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Everything you need to study the Bible

Launch Logos and you’re a click away from in-depth study. Handy cards open everything you need to study any passage or topic.
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Quick links to important biblical information

Look up a passage or topic and Logos gives you quick summaries and links to further reading in your library.
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A search engine custom-made for Bible study

Find every passage on the Lord’s Supper, or even how many times Luke used the future passive indicative of δίδωμι. (And in case you’re wondering, the answer is 16.)

Your Bible & commentary scroll in-sync

Because your favorite commentary and Bible stick together as you study, insights are always close at hand. Scroll through one, and the other rolls with it.
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An intuitive new way to work the text

Circle. Highlight. Underline. Make connections. You can even rearrange a passage to show logic and emphasis.

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Greek & Hebrew for beginners & experts

Find insights from the original languages, even if you don’t know Greek or Hebrew. Writing a paper? Advanced tools and scholarly resources provide a solid basis for academic research.

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Study the Word on any device

Take your library anywhere. Access your books and Logos features on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Or study on any computer with the web app.

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Take notes, and they’re organized automatically

Take notes on a passage and they show up right alongside the biblical text. Writing a sermon? Do it with Logos, and your slides are made automatically.
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A Powerful, Affordable Bible Study Library

Because everything in your Logos library is connected to other books and tools, a single click can open dictionaries, commentaries, lexicons, and even step-by-step guides. Plus, when you get a base package, you save 90% compared to buying that library book by book.
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