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What's New in Logos 4.2

See below for a list of New Features and Bug Fixes in version 4.2 of Logos Bible Software 4. 

See also the detailed list of changes in Logos 4.14.0d, 4.0c, 4.0b, and 4.0a.

New Features

Column "Paged" View

"Show paged view" panel menu option available to toggle paged mode on or off (or Ctrl+Shift+P). "Show paged view" will display more than one column, depending on the width of the panel (scrollbars removed). Paged mode is also available in Reading View. Click left or right triangle buttons to turn pages. Buttons are at the lower-right corners of resource panels for LTR resources and at lower-left corners for RTL resources.


Added a column that will display the "Last Updated" date for a resource. (Right-click on a column header to view list and select Last Updated.) This column will initially populate with the current date. In the future, whenever a resource file is discovered (new file or new version of an existing file), Last Updated will reflect that new date.

Logos Smart Tags

Added "Passage Guide" to Smart Tag menu.

Syntax Search Document

Added "Import Syntax Searches" and "Import Delete Syntax Searches" commands.

Other New Features

  • Biblical People/Places/Things
    • Information and gallery panes auto hide in Reading View. (Note: If the focus is in the People/Places/Things textbox when reading view is executed, the top panel won’t auto hide until the focus is placed in the body of the panel.)
  • Collections
    • Panel will open to a new blank collection instead of an existing collection. Upon closing the Collections panel, any “Unnamed Collection” with no saved data will be deleted.
  • Data Types
    • Additional abbreviations for Bible data type implemented, including Pro for Proverbs, Mc-Micah, Hb-Habakkuk, Mar-Mark, Joh-John, Act-Acts, Pp-Philippians, Co-Colossians, Ti-Titus, Pm-Philemon, 1P-1 Peter, 2P-2 Peter, 1J-1 John, 2J-2 John, 3J-3 John, Jd-Jude.
  • Localization
    • The following new fields on the Basic Search > All Text drop-down list are translated into Spanish for the Logos Spanish user interface: Tipo de Libro (Book Type), Aparato textual negativo (Negative Apparatus), Aparato textual positivo (Positive Apparatus), and Unidad variante (Variation Unit).
  • Notes
    • Note content is displayed in grey text next to title when note is collapsed. If content does not fit on one line, an ellipsis will mark the continuation of text. A new line within the text is collapsed to a space.
  • Prayer List
    • Prayer notes content is displayed in grey text next to title when prayer is collapsed. If content does not fit on one line, an ellipsis will mark the continuation of text. A new line within the text is collapsed to a space.
  • Print/Export
    • Added “Send to New document” and “Paste in Open document” to export options.
    • Column printing/exporting implemented for resources; added a preference so that resource printing/exporting will remember the last setting for column view (value is shared across all resources). The default is Auto.
  • Program Settings
    • “East Syriac Adiabene” font is now available from the Syriac Font drop-down list.
  • Syntax Search Document
    • A definition pop-up will appear when hovering over a syntax term in the Specifics pane, such as a Clause Type, from the glossary associated with the Syntax resource being searched (if definition is included in glossary). Open the glossary by right-clicking and choosing it from the context menu.
  • Text Comparison
    • Clicking on the label or dot in the Compare Versions section of a Passage Guide, or the Cluster Graph in the Passage Analysis tool will open Text Comparison.
  • Tools
    • Setting the linkset of an auto-follow Tool (Cited By, Explorer, etc.) to “None” will be remembered the next time that tool is opened from the Tools menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Accessibility
    • Added tab stops to navigate pages in Search results.
    • In Copy Bible Verses, pressing Tab from Reference box will now move focus to the ‘Copy’ button, and then to the ‘Copy and Paste’ button.
    • Pressing “Enter” will run the currently-selected search on the previous query drop-down, after tabbing to the drop-down, pressing space bar (or Enter) to expand it and arrow down to previous search.
    • When tabbing from previous query drop-down, the focus correctly goes to the My Content expander.
  • Bible Word Study
    • Multiple Bible Word Study reports can be opened simultaneously from the Peshitta and Stephen’s TR resources.
    • Translation ring is generated correctly for lemmas with spaces (e.g., ‘עבד אדום’ in the AFAT).
    • Translation section will display the selected Bible version when the guide is run with the section collapsed.
  • Clause Visualizer
    • Fixed bug that ignored correct RTL text flow in the “Andersen-Forbes Phrase Marker Analysis,” causing Hebrew vowels to be displayed in the wrong place.
  • Collections
    • Removed the “X” to delete collections from Open drop-down list and placed “Delete” on the context menu. This will help to prevent accidental deletions while scrolling through the list.
  • Data Types
    • AndersenForbesGenre data type used in the AFAT is corrected and fixes parsing issues.
  • Highlighting
    • Fixed crash when applying custom Highlighting style that used Default Sans Serif font styling.
  • History
    • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) when opening any resource or tool (if History was cleared).
  • Indexer
    • The indexer is less resilient to certain types of errors (that indicate a critical error), and will crash sooner when an unrecoverable error is detected, making it easier to identify and fix the underlying problem. (Previously, it would have crashed at the very end of indexing.)
  • Information/Power Lookup
    • Fixed bug that caused placeholder dots to appear in text copied and pasted or exported from Information and Power Lookup.
  • Layouts
    • Fixed “Delete” icon in layouts menu (so that it says “Delete”, not “Close”).
    • Layout shortcut will be updated after ‘Update to current snapshot’, and shortcut tooltip will preview the updated thumbnail.
  • Library
    • Fixed bug that caused the advanced prioritization range setting to be ignored when a reference Bible subtype was different than the prioritized resource Bible subtype.
  • Logos Smart Tags
    • Focus now moves to Copy Bible Verses window when CBV is invoked from Smart Tag.
    • Invoking Copy Bible Verses from Smart Tag will no longer change the current CBV panel size and location.
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug that caused every note in an open Note document (set to Compact view) to expand when a note in a resource was clicked.
  • Parallel Resources
    • Opening the parallel resources menu (for a reference-based resource) should be much faster. (Headword-based resources are not affected.)
  • Passage Guide
    • Parallel Passages section will list the first prioritized harmony resource at the top, when it contains the searched passage.
  • Passage Lists
    • Fixed bug that prevented “Find” (Ctrl+F) from filtering on references.
  • Power Lookup
    • Fixed bug that caused Power Lookup to miss hits when looking up Hebrew lemmas.
  • Print/Export
    • Fixed bug that caused the wrong search results to be printed/exported if the original Search panel was modified.
    • Fixed bug that prevented the “Gospel” section of a Lectionary reading from being completely previewed.
    • Fixed crash (PrintQueueException) that occurred when opening Print/Export with no default printer defined.
    • Verse references in exported Text Comparison passages are now hyperlinked.
  • Resource Panel
    • Active reference data type is reserved when switching parallel resources.
  • Resources
    • Fixed bug preventing search field information being displayed for newly-indexed resources
    • Fixed bug that caused resources opened from a Parallel Resource List to display the same Search Fields in the Information Panel as the original resource.
    • Fixed bug that caused “ESV Study Bible” linked to the “ESV” to navigate to the wrong location.
    • Fixed bug that caused “Opening Up Genesis” to open to wrong location from Passage Guide and Parallel Resource Sets.
  • Reverse Interlinear
    • Fixed bug that caused the interlinear pane in an RVI to open to the verse of the Bible opened just before it.
  • Rich Text
    • Fixed bug that caused text copied from Word and pasted into a note to lose formatting, such as bullets, when note was collapsed.
  • Search
    • Autocomplete will now work correctly for lemmas with spaces (e.g., עבד אדום, Obed-Edom), and running a Bible or Morph search will generate correct search results.
    • Basic Search for “mytag:___” finds user documents with that tag, the My Content section is visible, and “My Tag” is now an available Search Field.
    • Bible Search results from Thai Bible wrap correctly.
    • Export to Excel retains Analysis column sort order.
    • Fixed bug that prevented auto-complete of a second Hebrew word in a query when doing a Morph search (e.g., lemma:יהוה AND h:yhwh).
    • Fixed bug that could cause a large amount of white space to appear below Basic search results.
    • Fixed bug that caused the Bibliographic citation title for resources indexed by “Bibliographic Item” to replace the page number in Basic search results.
    • Fixed bug that generated correct OT search results for a Hebrew query with an invalid (NT) range selected.
    • Hovering over footnote in search results will display footnote text instead of Bible verse.
    • Search Analysis no longer splits “Lord’s” into two results (“Lord” and “s”).
  • Sentence Diagram
    • Fixed bug that caused certain Greek characters to be dropped (e.g., eta, epsilon, etc.) from the last Greek word in a verse in a text flow diagram.
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentNullException) that occurred when choosing “Send to Sentence Diagram” from panel menu of some Harmony resources.
  • Shortcuts
    • Fixed bug that caused a shortcut created for Update Resources command to run Update Now command instead.
  • Startup
    • Proxy server URI entry will be restricted to the “http” and “https” protocols. If the entered URI is invalid (i.e., ‘http’ is mistyped or left off), the Sign in button will be disabled.
  • Syntax Search document
    • Both Hebrew and Aramaic lemmas matches are available from the Lexeme box, and Aramaic searches will now work with updated Andersen-Forbes syntax database.
    • Fixed bug that caused the “Match contexts where this term ...” option for “Anything” to change back to the default “occurs at least once’ after switching to “repeats ...,” etc.
    • Fixed bug that prevented results when using the “Related Words” agreement rule to find where a preposition modifies a related verb in the Lexham SGNT.
    • Improved sorting of Lemma untransliteration suggested matches.
    • “Match marks” checkbox added to Text field for Lexham, OpenText, and Andersen-Forbes syntax searches (with updated syntax databases).
    • Searches on Hebrew lexemes with spaces will bring up correct matches and expected results (with updated Andersen-Forbes syntax database.)
  • Syntax Search panel
    • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) caused by clicking document link in search panel for a document that had been deleted.
  • Text Comparison
    • Columns in horizontal layout are no longer compressed to half of the window.
    • Fixed text selection in Comparison Tool.
    • If Home Page is open when a dot or label is clicked with a Passage Guide or Cluster Graph in a floating window, the Home Page will hide and Text Comparison panel will open.