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What's New in Logos 4.1

What's New in Logos 4.1

See below for a list of New Features and Bug Fixes in version 4.1 of Logos Bible Software 4. 

See also the detailed list of changes in Logos 4.0d, 4.0c, 4.0b, and 4.0a.

New Features


  • "Print/Export" option is available on panel menus (or Ctrl+P) for most features, including resources. (Exceptions: Copy Bible Verses, Home, Layouts, and Library.)
  • Resources, Documents, etc. may be printed or exported to various file formats (depending on the feature). File types may include Rich Text Format (Word, etc.), Text Document, Web Page (HTML), Spreadsheet (Excel, etc.), XPS Document, and Image.
  • "Bibliography only" is integrated with print/export panel for Clippings and Collections. Citation file types are available for export: BibTeX, Refer/BiblX, and RIS.
  • WYSIWYG printing ("Print as shown on screen") is available for some features.
  • Zoom in and out of Print Preview using mouse scroll wheel with Ctrl key held down, or using Ctrl+plus(+) and Ctrl+minus(-) keyboard shortcuts.

Sentence Diagram document

  • Import Logos 3 diagrams by entering Import Sentence Diagrams in Command box.
  • Sentence Diagrams are synchronized as with other user documents.
  • Drawing tool (pencil icon) added to Tools palette: Draws an arbitrary path, which may be recognized as a shape.
  • "Ellipse" shape added to Shapes palette.
  • "Double-arrowhead" shape added to Shapes palette.
  • "Double- and single-arrowhead line styles are available.
  • More "Alternate text" options are available in Logos 4, depending on the selected resource, including Lemma form, transliterated form, morphology, Strong’s number, and Louw-Nida number.
  • "Send to Sentence Diagram" added to Harmony resources' panel menus (e.g., "Parallel Passages in the Pastoral Epistles").
  • Selected Clause Visualizer content can be copied and pasted into a Sentence Diagram document as actual lines/text objects.
  • Margin, page size, and page orientation settings can be changed within the document. These settings are carried over to the Print/Export panel.
  • "Fit to page" option available in the Print/Export dialog.

Logos Smart Tags


  • Click on the right mouse button and drag in the directions indicated below to initiate various functions. A tip will appear, for about 5 seconds, displaying the recognized gesture with description below.
    • left = go Back
    • right = go Forward
    • up = Previous article, etc.
    • down = Next article, etc.
    • down, right = Close Tab
    • down, up = New Tab
    • "C" shape = toggle Contents Pane on or off
    • "star" shape = add to Favorites (try this: up right, down right, up left, right, down left)
    • up to the right diagonally = Show reading view
    • down to the left diagonally = Hide reading view
    • down to the right, down to the left (i.e., right angle bracket or 'greater than') = Start Read Aloud
    • "square" shape (down, right, up, left) = Stop Read Aloud

Other New Features

  • Bible Word Study
    • Add multiple "Translation" sections.
    • Choose a Bible from the "Settings" drop-down in the Translation, Greek Words, and Hebrew Words sections
  • Graph Bible Search Results
    • Added more analyzer categories.
  • Keyboard shortcuts added:
    • Ctrl+F11 to float or dock a panel
    • Alt+Enter to clear and focus Passage List Reference box
    • Ctrl+. to insert a Bulleted list in the Rich Text Editor (e.g., Notes)
    • Ctrl+/ to insert a Numbered list in the Rich Text Editor
    • Ctrl+M to increase Indentation in the Rich Text Editor
    • Ctrl+Shift+M to decrease Indentation in the Rich Text Editor
  • Panel menu
    • "Copy location as: URL..." incorporates a more fine-grained page location.
  • Passage Guide
    • "Lectionaries" section available to Add to current or custom Passage Guide.
  • Passage Lists improvements
    • "Add passages from: ... another passage list," to append one passage list to another, now appends existing headings as well.
    • "Add passages from: URL" adds passages from a specified web site, adding "http://" if necessary.
    • "Add passages from: ... highlighter style" adds passages that include a specified highlighter style.
    • "Ctrl+V" now pastes passages into list, just as the "Add passages from: ... clipboard" option.
    • "Find" (Ctrl+F) is added to Passage List document panel. It will filter on references only. (To search surface text within a passage list, use the list as a filter in Search.)
    • "Full | Compact" buttons are added to panel to toggle the visibility of Passage List content.
    • "Reference" box is available at end of current passages to quickly add new references. Press "Alt+Enter" to clear and place cursor in box.
    • Passage Lists are indexed and results are included in 'My Content'.
  • Program Settings
    • Hidden resources are now documented in the Logos4.log. This may help both users and support staff to diagnose why a particular resource is missing.
  • Reading Plan
    • Added hyperlinks to reading plan items in appointment descriptions for plans exported to Outlook.
  • Resource Panel
    • Authors/editors and copyright info has been added to title and description in the Reverse Interlinear section of the "About" information panel.
  • Search panel
    • Tags and Ratings collections have been separated from user-defined Collections on the resource chooser drop-down in Search, with "Tags and Ratings" following "Collections."
  • Shortcuts
    • Customize with text labels and a selection of icons. (Right-click on a shortcut on the shortcuts bar to see options.) Changes will be synchronized in 4.1 installations.

Bug Fixes

  • Bible Word Study
    • The Translation section now correctly reports the occurrences of translated words.
  • Citations
    • Fixed bug that prevented citation number from appearing in footnote when pasted with text.
  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Verse order will remain as typed in the Reference box, rather than reverting to canonical order.
  • Documents
    • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) when clicking a link in another panel to a document that has been deleted.
  • Data Types
    • Fixed bug that caused inconsistent search results when entering 'TDNT' in upper case.
  • Exegetical Guide
    • Word by Word custom setting for lemma display has been reworded to more correctly match the function.
  • Favorites
    • Bookmark shortcuts will now work when cursor is in a rich text editor box, such as a note.
  • Guides
    • New custom guide name takes effect immediately.
  • Graph Bible Search Results
    • Added percentage sign to tooltips when hovering over graphs that display number of hits per number of verses, etc. 
    • Adjusted tool tip displays for values shown on bar graphs to round to the second significant digit past the decimal point.
    • "Export to Excel" is removed from toolbar and replaced with "Send to: Excel" in Print/Export panel.
    • Filter analyzers exclude word count analyzers on unsupported references.
    • Resolved issue with "Show Zero Items" not displaying all zero items.
  • Handouts
    • Biblical People diagrams will now match the selected Handout theme.
  • Highlighting
    • Fixed bug that caused panel to scroll back to top after adding a new palette or style.
    • Image chooser is now a 4x4 popup with vertical scrollbar rather than a marquee.
    • Shortcut key assignment is now removed as soon as style is deleted.
  • Home Page
    • Fixed crash (IOException) that could occur when loading home page if internet connection fails.
    • Home Page tries harder to load RSS feeds if it gets a “500 Internal Server Error.”
    • Home Page should automatically try to reload the RSS feeds (ignoring the local cache) if they fail to load the first time.
  • Notes
    • Fixed bug that prevented all the individual note indicators for notes added to multiple Bible references from appearing in a commentary.
    • Improved look of selected notes.
  • Passage Guide
    • Fixed bug that caused a commentary removed from Commentaries section to be re-added after clicking 'more >>'.
    • Fixed bug that caused the Greek Interesting Words section to display verses for only the first form of the word when a Greek word was clicked.
    • Fixed bug that prevented Greek Interesting Words from generating if preferred Greek NT did not have lemmas (e.g., LLS:1.0.3021), and the subsequent crash if an English word was clicked. Lemma resources will now be preferred over non-Lemma resources.
    • Fixed bug that stripped case from Greek Interesting Words (e.g., it will now display "Λάζαρε" rather than "λάζαρε").
    • Fixed bug that prevented Hebrew Interesting Words from generating with AFAT as preferred Bible.
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentOutOfRangeException) when generating Hebrew Interesting Words on some passages with ESV as preferred Bible.
    • Hebrew Interesting Words will now use the default Hebrew font.
  • Passage List
    • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) when opening Passage List document with an empty Resources box.
    • Increased character limit for Print/Export from 1,000 to 15,000 to enable preview/export of larger passages, such as Psalm 119.
    • Links to references with DSSSE, QSM, and IVPPocket data types are rendered correctly in Passage Lists.
  • Prayer List
    • Focus no longer moves to Tomorrow after checking off one of Today's prayers.
    • Future prayers no longer appear on home page before their scheduled date.
    • When setting the prayer's frequency to 'year' and changing 'starting' to a future date, the correct date will be set rather than reverting back to today's date.
  • Program Settings
    • Corrected spelling of the 'BibTeX' citation.
    • Fixed bug that caused the "Show Favorite Bookmarks" setting to be ignored.
  • Read Aloud
    • Fixed bug that caused some voices (e.g., Neospeech Paul & Kate) to break words on typographical quotes.
    • Greek Audio NT visual cues are now working on Windows 7 systems.
  • Reading Lists
    • Fixed display of smart quotes from wiki.
  • Reading Plan
    • Improved performance of switching between Calendar and List views.
    • Improved performance of docking and floating panel, and dragging resized panel. 
    • The "X" on the "Mark Read" bar of a Reading Plan's visual filter has been removed to prevent inadvertent disabling of the filter. 
    • "Mark Read" will display the Reading Plan name in the tip when hovered.
  • Resources
    • Double-clicking on a Hebrew graphical word (grapheme) that consists of more than one lexical word (lexeme) will now open the prioritized lexicon to the most significant word. (E.g., In the AFAT, see Gen 1:26, 'בְּצַלְמֵנוּ'.)
    • Fixed bug that caused a Bibliography link to navigate to a resource rather than displaying its hyperlink in a pop-up window (for resources available in Library).
    • Fixed bug that caused Program Scaling to change borders of blocked text in some resources (e.g., "A Matter of Days" Page 151).
    • Fixed bug that caused the active resource to switch when using Page Up/Down or spacebar to scroll in a Bible linked to a syntax resource.
    • Fixed bug that would cause incorrect verse placement in some harmony resources with some Bibles.
    • Fixed crash (AccessViolationException) when clicking and dragging a Strong's or Louw Nida number in an RVI with Inline enabled to open the associated resource.
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentNullException) when choosing a resource with null value from Parallel Resource Set.
    • Fixed the amount of white space before an image in a resource.
    • In the NASB95, the Strong's Number popup will only appear when hovering over the number in a reverse interlinear Bible with Inline display enabled and "Strong's Numbers" checked.
    • Resolved navigation issues with linked commentary series and Bible.
  • Search
    • Arrow in lower-right corner of Morph selection drop-down will now appear when typing part of speech after @, as well as when selecting it from the list.
    • Entering 'ESV' in the Basic search filter now correctly brings the English Standard Version Bible to the top of the list.
    • Fixed bug that could cause a search run from search history to use a range from another search.
    • Improved scrolling and paging of Basic search results in 'By Book' view.
    • "Match case" and "Match all word forms" settings correctly affect the results in a Morph search.
    • Previous and Next Context columns in Analysis view no longer include the Result word.
    • Reference ranges will only render the equivalent range when necessary, according to the data type of the resource being searched.
  • Setup
    • Revised setup to allow Windows 7 user with redirected Documents folder to update.
  • Shortcuts
    • Context menu options are relevant to the shortcut function.
  • Startup
    • Fixed crash (IOException) that could occur when the indexer could not access a file in use.
    • "Proxy settings" link on the Sign in window will now appear after a failed log in attempt (e.g., blocked by proxy server), so the proxy details can be entered.
  • Text Comparison
    • F7 now both opens and closes Immediate Compare window. (Esc still closes it as well.)
  • Themes
    • Biblical People diagrams, Handout documents, and Timeline resources will use the following unified themes: Thin, Minimal, Vibrant, Classic, Informal, Cartoon, Comic, and Graffiti.
  • Visual Filter Document
    • When Logos 4 is using the Spanish UI, the search field drop-downs (e.g., "Todo texto bíblico") will be included in the Visual Filter search.
  • Word Find Puzzle
    • Copying/pasting a Word Find puzzle into a Word or other document results in a larger image with less white space.
Last Updated: 4/24/2014