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What's New in Logos 4.0c

What's New in Logos 4.0c

See below for a list of New Features and Bug Fixes in version 4.0c of Logos Bible Software 4.

See also the detailed list of changes in Logos 4.0b and 4.0a.

New Features


  • Full Reverse Interlinear display for AV1873, ESV, KJV1900, LEB (NT only), NASB95, NIV (NT only--OT coming), NKJV, NLT (NT only--OT coming), NRSV, and RVR60. (This feature requires licenses to these Bibles and Reverse Interlinears, and new versions of the underlying resources.)
  • Passage Lists and Import Logos 3 Passage Lists (Verse Lists) using the 'Import Passage Lists' or 'Import All' commands.
  • Self tests. Requires resources and licenses that use this feature (e.g. AM Bible Courseware).



  • Now use the Default Notes Font setting.
  • Now use the Default Notes Text Size setting.


  • Note that font installation is performed by the Logos4Prerequisites.msi file and will require elevation; an associated User Account Control (UAC) dialog may be displayed.
  • New fonts
    • East Syriac Adiabene
    • Musnad Sabaic Unicode
    • LogosSymbolUnicode
  • Updated fonts:
    • New Athena Unicode
    • SBL Hebrew
    • LibronixApparatusFont


  • "Automatic" added to the text color palettes in the Highlighting edit style panel.
  • "Label Text" highlighting can be applied "Above" and "Below" text now.
  • Shortcut key chooser added to Highlighting context menu.

Home page

  •  Library Slideshow has been added to the home page ribbon.


  • Instant Compare (F7) now works with current milestone in a non-Bible (such as a commentary), or when hovering over a Bible reference in a non-Bible.
  • Titles for separators on passage range selector in Search panel and on resource selectors in some documents, guides, tools, and resources (e.g., Bible harmonies).


  • "Full" | "Compact" buttons have been added to Notes document. Clicking "Compact" will collapse notes, and clicking "Full" will expand them. 
  • "Sort" option has been added to the Notes panel menu. Selecting this will sort notes by reference.

Passage Guide

  • Passage Guide topics section now has 3 available views (Tags, Cloud, and List).

Program Settings

  • Swedish UI Language choice added to Program Settings. (To change UI in Command box, enter 'uilang sv'.)

Resource Panel

  • Next/Previous verse navigation in resources is now more intuitive.

Rich Text

  • A valid "libronixdls:" URL to a resource location is now supported in the same way as ‘http:’ in the Hyperlink box.
  • Added the following keyboard shortcuts to toolbar controls:
    • Ctrl+K:  insert hyperlink 
    • Ctrl+Shift+F: change font family 
    • Ctrl+Shift+P: change font size 
    • Ctrl+Shift+K: toggle small caps 
    • Ctrl+Shift+U: toggle strikethrough


  • All Text (Search Fields) drop-down in Basic/Bible/Morph Search panels allows you to choose available data type reference, highlight, etc. to constrain a search.
  • Number of resources has been added to the results count in Basic and Bible Search results, when there is more than one resource. (E.g., "26,676 results in 11,986 articles in 389 resources.")

Bug Fixes

  • Biblical People
    • Left most thumbnail, on Biblical People bottom strip, is no longer cut off when hovered.
  • Cited By
    • Fixed crash when selecting a user-defined collection under "Show Collections" on panel menu.
  • Clippings
    • Fixed bug causing clippings to sync unnecessarily when opened.
  • Collections
    • Collection resources are now correctly sorted by title (after author and year) when exporting to bibliography. 
    • Changed the 'X' to remove items from the 'Minus these resources' list to the red 'Delete' style.
    • Fixed bug that caused a collection of Bibles and non-Bibles to function as a Bible-only collection.
  • Copy Bible Verses
    • Added support for [FullBookName], [ShortBookName], and [ChapterNum] in Header and Footer in custom Copy Bible Verses style. 
    • Last floating window size and position are remembered when the global shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+B) is used to open CBV.
  • Data Type
    • Fixed crash when searching library (e.g, for 'Elibaal'), caused by a data type change.
  • Documents
    • Fixed crash when creating a new document from the command box.
  • Home Page
    • Fixed bug in Home Page that would prevent a prioritized devotional excerpt from appearing on the home page if the content was extremely short.
  • Guides
    • Added auto-scrolling to guides when dragging a section. 
    • Fixed bug that caused morph links in an Exegetical Guide's Word by Word section to bring up Power Lookup instead of definition tooltip. 
    • Fixed bug that ignored Collection choice for Definition section in Bible Word Study. 
    • Fixed bug in Exegetical Guide Word by Word section which prevented results for a resource with missing alignment data. (E.g., 'NRSV OT RI' for Ps 6 or 51. This resource has also been rebuilt to contain the alignment data.) 
    • Fixed bug preventing notes on words in Exegetical Guide from being saved. 
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentOutOfRangeException) that could occur with a home page search. 
    • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) when pasting a portion of text from LLS:BECNT67CO1 into a Passage Guide note. 
    • Fixed Guide Template Editor scrolling issues. 
    • Fixed problems with grammatical relationships data so results are generated for the correct homograph in the Example Uses section of a Hebrew or Aramaic Bible Word Study. 
    • Improved appearance of Guide Template Editor so items do not appear clipped. 
    • Passage Guide sections without content and grayed-out can now be collapsed. 
    • Removed second layer from Topics List in Passage Guide.
  • Handouts
    • Images are sized correctly in previews and printouts. 
    • Printing a Handout to 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' now creates only one .xps file that includes both pages of handout.
  • Help
    • "Find" results will no longer be concealed by the Find box.
  • Highlighting
    • Adding/deleting a palette is now supported by palette specific visual filters. 
    • Borders & Lines selection lines in edit style panel now have tooltips (e.g., Left Margin, Top Border, Strikethrough, etc.). 
    • Borders & Lines thickness numbers have been replaced with a line thickness preview. 
    • "Bubble" Highlighting style is now called "Capsule". 
    • Buttons in edit style panel sections now have more definition. 
    • Capsule font weight has been changed from Normal to Light. 
    • Changed labels in Label Text section to include the word "Text" (i.e., 'Text Before', 'Text After', 'Text Above', and 'Text Below'). 
    • Color changes to image highlights no longer require closing and reopening the resource. 
    • Color choosers now have drop-down arrows and are right-aligned when combined with a radio button. 
    • Default Border type is now set to 'Solid'.  
    • Fixed background measurement on highlighters using small caps or subscript/superscript. 
    • Fixed bug that caused alignment issues with Before and After label text in the BHS/WIVU. 
    • Fixed bug that caused Before and After label text to be underlined when underlining in Borders & Lines section was also applied. 
    • Fixed crash that could occur when editing a Highlighting style. 
    • Fixed default font in inserted label text. 
    • Fixed Label Text so that text size applied to one (Before, After, Above, or Below) does not affect the others. 
    • Highlights which are applied to a non-existent palette or style now appear under the Visual Filter heading 'No Palette'. 
    • Image Opacity drop-down now has a tooltip, and '0%' has been removed. 
    • Label Text Capsules will now use black text for lighter colored backgrounds. 
    • New styles are now added to the custom palette that is right-clicked, rather than the last palette. 
    • Palettes no longer collapse after deleting a Style. 
    • Previews now have a more consistent size and appearance. 
    • Reduced padding of the 'Bubble' Label Text style. 
    • Refined the colors available from color selector drop-downs. 
    • Removed space between number and percent sign for Label Text size. 
    • Small Caps font styles now preview correctly.
  • Information panel
    • Fixed bug that caused the pronunciation information in a dictionary definition copied from the Information panel to display a unicode character.
  • Layouts
    • Named Layout thumbnail date is updated after 'Update to current snapshot' is applied.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Auto-scrolling is now working in the program wherever there is a list of items long enough to need a vertical scrollbar (i.e., Favorites, Guide Templates, Handouts, and Library Prioritization). Items can now be dragged and dropped above or below the visible area. 
    • Fixed bug that caused problems in panels which dock to a sidebar (such as Information, Explorer, CBV) when they were floated and docked from context menu. (E.g., Information panel Settings and update on hover wouldn't work.) 
    • Fixed Crash that could occur when deleting resource(s) and pressing Enter in places where the resource list supports multiple selections, such as Text Comparison.
    • Section headers in the Guides, Explorer, and Cited By can now be collapsed/right clicked on when they have no content.
  • Notes
    • Auto-generated title for a note added to Selection from an Interlinear text now displays only the top line. 
    • Fixed crash importing notes file with malformed color HTML style. 
    • Fixed crash that could occur when a hyperlink in an imported note was clicked if the link was to a generic reference that did not have a specific associated resource (e.g., page number). Those references are now ignored on import. Generic references that have a resource ID will continue to import and work as expected. 
    • Fixed crash that could occur when opening an imported note. 
    • Fixed crash when opening an imported note that includes a reference to a data type that cannot be parsed. 
    • Left and right margins are smaller, to give the note content more horizontal space. 
    • Notes added to a dictionary headword now display the note indicator in the dictionary and in parallel dictionaries.
  • Passage Analysis
    • Fixed crash that would occur if the program couldn't open a resource used in the Passage Analysis tool (e.g., if resource file was missing).
  • Prayer Lists
    • Notes now wrap to more than one line when you hover over prayer on home page ribbon.
  • Program Settings
    • Reset Defaults now resets "Automatically Download Updates" and "Use Internet" to the correct default (Yes).
  • Reading Plan
    • Fixed crash in Reading Plan when backspacing content in any of the duration text boxes (i.e., 'weeks', 'sessions', 'verses'). 
    • M'Cheyne predefined plan now includes the whole book of Philemon (and 2 John, 3 John, Jude, and Obadiah).
  • Resource panel
    • Fixed bug that caused a reverse interlinear pane to not move with reference change after clicking on another resource tab in same panel. 
    • Fixed bug that could cause an InvalidOperationException during synchronization. 
    • Fixed bug that prevented arrowing to parallel resource, and could cause a crash, when page number was the active reference. 
    • Fixed bug that prevented availability of parallel resource sets for Collections that contain Clause Visualization type resources. 
    • Fixed bug that prevented page up/down or spacebar navigation after arrowing to next parallel resource. 
    • Manuscript, Lemma, Morph, etc. now appear on context menu when right-clicking on a surface text placeholder (e.g., the bullet in ESV, Acts 17:2). 
    • "Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First Series: Volume VII" now displays Parallel Resources on the Parallel Resource Set drop-down. 
    • Resource information pane will close when the resource is navigated, e.g., when clicking on a search result link to the resource. 
    • Resource panel has a new style button to close the locator bar to help distinguish from the panel close button. 
  • Resources
    • Fixed bug in "Concise Theology" that would display Bible references as Images on the context menu. 
    • Fixed bug that caused incorrect spacing in Hebrew text.
    • Fixed bug that opened Power Lookup instead of NA27CAPP when an apparatus marker in NA27GBS was clicked. 
    • Fixed crash in the "Logos Deluxe Mapset" when clicking on map thumbnails on Overview page or on previous and next arrows on a map page. 
    • Fixed crash that could occur when opening a corrupt or very old LSF/LIX resource. 
    • Fixed crash that occurred when selecting Ugaritic text if another resource is open that has the Sympathetic Highlighting visual filter enabled. 
    • Fixed crash when exporting certain images from resources. 
    • Fixed crash when navigating to a new verse in Clause Visualizer resources. 
    • Fixed crash when running a Passage Guide on Psalm 23 in Windows XP, then clicking on a Swedish commentary on Psalms (Bernspång). 
    • Glossary popups now appear in the Lexham Discourse Greek NT and Lexham High Definition NT: ESV. 
    • Headwords entered in the Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Dictionary now jumps to the correct article match rather than the first article with a variant. (E.g., 'moro' jumps to 'moro' instead of 'mora'.) 
    • Hovering over a word with notation (*) in the Lexham Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible now displays both the notation and the morphological information. 
    • HTML is put on the clipboard only when there is an actual interlinear cell involved in the selection for both regular interlinear and reverse interlinear resources. 
    • "Lexham English Bible" metadata has been fixed so the LEB will be available in expected locations, such as the 'All parallel resources' Parallel Resource Set in an English Bible. 
    • "Lexham Greek-English Interlinear Septuagint" (version 2010-02-24) now includes the book of Isaiah. 
    • 'Lexval' and 'literal' search fields in the "Lexham Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible" will now be indexed, resulting in search hits for glosses. A full re-index may be necessary. 
    • Rebuilt OpenText database to fix crashes when entering criteria in Syntax Search template. 
    • Rebuilt the UBS4 Interlinear to fix the problem of a search highlighting the wrong words in the search panel. 
    • "The Encyclopedia of Christianity, Volumes 1-3" and "The Encyclopedia of Christianity, Volume 4" are now typed as "dictionary" and a series title has been added: "The Encyclopedia of Christianity."
  • Reverse Interlinear
    • Clicking on placeholder dot for omitted word in surface text now highlights the corresponding cell in the ribbon. 
    • Clicking on placeholder dot in ribbon cell now highlights the corresponding placeholder dot for omitted word in surface text. 
    • Fixed bug that caused search results to select the wrong word in the reverse interlinear ribbon. 
  • Rich Text
    • Backspace at the end of a hyperlink will delete the hyperlink. 
    • Bible references separated by commas are now correctly auto-detected as hyperlinks. 
    • Bible references within parentheses are now auto-detected in a note; e.g., (Gen 1).  
    • Complete block of pasted text is searched for auto-detect hyperlinks. 
    • Content font style is no longer modified when pasting text within the rich text editor. 
    • Disabled text alignment buttons for note Title, as only left-aligned text is supported for Titles, and center or right-aligned would cause a Title to disappear. 
    • Fixed bug that caused hyperlink auto-detect to fail with two adjacent references (e.g., 'Gen 1 Jn 3:4'). 
    • Fixed bug that caused indented text to be pasted into the rich text editor with a negative left margin (text cut off on the left). 
    • Fixed bug that created a false hyperlink when focus was moved from rich text editor. 
    • Fixed crash and/or incorrect hyperlink placement when pasting text that includes pointed Hebrew characters into notes. 
    • Fixed several app crashes induced by pasting specific content into the Notes rich text editor. 
    • Hint text (such as 'Content' in note) now disappears when only a bullet or number (for bulleted or numbered list) has been added. 
    • Hovering over Bible reference that's been changed in Hyperlink box now displays correct verse. (E.g., changing the '1' in front of 'Kings 1:1' to a '2', now correctly displays '2 Kings 1:1' instead of '1 Kings 1:1'.) 
    • Hyperlink auto-detection will now work across multiple text element runs (e.g., the string 'Gen 1' with a bold 'e'). 
    • Hyperlinks are no longer automatically detected when the words 'Am I' or 'So I' are typed. Previously, hyperlinks to 'Amos 1' or 'Song of Solomon 1' would be created. 
    • Hyperlinks will be preserved when copy/pasted within the rich text editor. 
    • Improved paragraph formatting. 
    • Improved performance of pasting complex text, including valid URLs, into a Note. 
    • Lists that are pasted into the rich text editor will now be preserved. 
    • Non-button rich text toolbar controls now have tooltips; e.g., Font, Font Size, Address (Hyperlink). 
    • Pasting text no longer causes the cursor to jump to the beginning of the note. 
    • Rich Text Editor toolbar is disabled when the editor doesn't have the focus. 
    • Rich Text formatting, in current note, is no longer lost when pasting text or web content (e.g., bulleted or numbered lists). 
    • Single-line rich text (such as a note title) does not support formatting, and these options are now grayed-out for that line. 
    • Spaces are no longer stripped from references when pasting into rich text editor (e.g., Gen 31:54-55 instead of Gen31:54-55). 
    • Toolbar control tooltips include keyboard shortcuts. 
    • Toolbar controls are disabled more consistently when the focus has been moved away. 
    • Typing performance has been improved. 
    • Undo (Ctrl+Z) no longer affects changes made to note content after the Note document has been closed and reopened.
    • Unsupported content, such as images, are removed on paste. 
    • When the rich text editor loses focus (e.g. tab between title and content in note) auto detect will run on the last word the cursor was adjacent to.
  • Search
    • Auto-completion now works better with quoted phrases. Quoted phrases may now contain data type references and modifiers prefixed with colons. 
    • Basic Search, with search field specified, will respect the narrow search and not generate results for Topic and My Content sections. 
    • "Expensive" queries (e.g., searching for %*%) now use less memory. 
    • Fixed bug with Morph selector in Morph Search that could cause a delay in displaying the morph codes on some machines. 
    • Fixed crash (OutOfMemoryException in SyntaxQueryUtility) when performing a syntax search. 
    • Syntax searches for Syntactic Force items in the Lexham SGNT will now generate results. 
  • Shortcuts
    • Search shortcut remembers details of specific search command dragged to shortcut bar (e.g., 'Search for "some text" in Top Bibles').
  • Startup
    • Fixed crash that could occur in background while downloading updated resource metadata.
  • Syntax Search document
    • Fixed crash caused when a document is deleted with panel open. The panel will now close before the document is deleted. 
    • Fixed crash that could occur when adding a new search term while the context menu from a previous search term is open. 
    • Morph chooser pop-up window stays open and all items in column are selected when morph field heading (e.g., Stem) is clicked. 
    • Syntax Searches that include Louw-Nida (LN) domains will return correct results.
  • Visual Filters
    • Fixed bug that caused a Reading Plan visual filter to indent the first verse below the markup. 
    • Fixed bug with Morph selector in Visual Filter document that could cause a delay in displaying the morph codes on some machines.
  • Word Find
    • Word Find image will no longer take up entire page of Handout.
Last Updated: 4/24/2014