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Remote Notes do not appear to get uploaded


In an Annotations File associated with any newsgroup on, notes that you create in Libronix appear to be posted after clicking the Send/Receive Remote Notes button, but they do not get posted.


The problem began on 11 Jan 2005 when our news server ( was upgraded. All posts to the news server now require a validly-formed email address from the sender.


Provide an acceptable email address and/or user name for your post-able notes. Go to Tools | Options | General…, and in the Notes tab, enter your email address (and optional name) into the Default Author input box.

To enter a name along with your email address, add your name, in parenthesis, after the email address: (Samply Sampleman)


Because this is a symptom of upgrading the news server and is independent of Libronix, this may be an issue with all Libronix installations.