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Update to Libronix DLS 3.0g

Click the update button to remove previous versions and install the components necessary to update your system to version 3.0g.

About this update

Libronix Digital Library System 3.0g can be downloaded and installed via the Internet. This update will give you the latest Libronix DLS engine, rebuilt Bibles, and new versions of the automation addin modules you already own. It will not unlock any new books or addin modules.

  • This update is required for anyone running Windows Vista (or higher). For details, visit Windows Vista and Logos Bible Software.
  • This update is required for anyone running Internet Explorer 7 or 8. For details, visit IE7 and Libronix DLS.
  • Even if you're not currently running Internet Explorer 8, we encourage you to update both Internet Explorer & Libronix DLS 3.0g.

Please note: The minimum system requirements for Libronix DLS have changed as of version 3.0.

The download is too large . . . can I order an update disc?

Yes! You can order a Media Only update disc with the latest code and rebuilt book files—now available on DVD or CD-ROM. For the sake of convenience, the DVD version is strongly recommended.

Where can I check for more updated book files?

Run the Resource Auto Update script to choose from a large list of updated book files available for download.