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Open Your Eyes to the Unseen with Mike Heiser and Logos

Have you ever wondered what to do with the weird passages in Scripture? Who are the Nephilim? How did Satan fall? And what are angels really like? Enter the realms of angels, demons, giants, and more as Mike Heiser helps you understand the Bible’s biggest mysteries. Enjoy lifting the veil and peering into the unknown with:

  • A massive collection of Mike Heiser works
  • The very same resources and research Mike relies on
  • The tools and techniques to dig deeper and discover more


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Special Edition Mike Heiser Logos collection
Special Edition

Get Over 600 Biblical Resources at an Unbelievable Value

Embark on your own search into the supernatural with this special edition of Logos Bible Software, featuring the very same Logos resources Mike uses in his own research of the unknown. Start enjoying the entire Mike Heiser Logos collection today at a truly unbelievable value.

Save over $9,400 compared to purchasing titles separately.


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Uncover the Unbelievable with Mike Heiser

Logos Bible Software allows you to delve deeper into the Scriptures with step-by-step guidance, a library’s worth of resources, and powerful tools—like those that decipher ancient Greek and Hebrew. With Logos, your own research into the mysteries of Bible is far less puzzling.

Enter the World of the Unknown Today

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