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What is it?

Shibboleth is a tool for typing Unicode text in ancient scripts. It was designed to help people unfamiliar with a script easily enter the correct characters, and then copy text to the clipboard in Unicode or another format.

While a keyboard layout is provided for several scripts, the emphasis is on helping the user recognize and select the proper characters. To that end, user input is shown in both typed and rendered format, with multiple font options, and all of the characters for each script are selectable from a well organized palette on the right side of the application window.

As an internal tool, Shibboleth is designed around our specific needs. But we have found it useful in so many situations that we wanted to share it with others. Shibboleth is licensed for personal, non-commercial use, and is offered with no warranty and no support.

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New version 0.9b

Released March 28, 2011
  • Shibboleth now remembers the last used settings for each script.
  • New Rich Text copy mode that preserves font choice and doesn't put XML tags around the text.
  • New scripts added: Akkadian, Hittite and Old Persian Cuneiform and Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
  • Additional characters, keyboards and character palettes added to existing scripts.

Shibboleth requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. If you do not have it installed, or do not know if you have it installed, click the Download .NET button to run the framework setup.

Click the Download button to install Shibboleth.

Note: If upon installing Shibboleth, you see a System Update Required message, you need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. Please click the Download .NET button first, and reboot after installing .NET, even if you aren't prompted to do so.

Download .NET
Download Shibboleth

An Important Note for Firefox Users: Shibboleth is a ClickOnce application. To launch it from Firefox, you must install the FFClickOnce add-on or use the IE Tab add-on to view the page and click the link.


The Shibboleth User Manual is available here.

Shibboleth is a tool for typing Unicode text in ancient scripts. It has embedded versions of all the necessary fonts, but you may wish to download the fonts for use in other applications. Users of Logos Bible Software may already have many of these fonts.

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