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Pack More into Your Study without Having to Cram

Logos is a digital study platform that helps seminary students write grade-A papers with top-grade tools and books.
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Seminary Is a Thrilling Adventure—and an Enormous Challenge

When your paper is due tomorrow and you’re working a double to make tuition, you don’t just need more time. You need biblical resources that will get you through seminary and set you up for a lifetime of ministry—all on a student’s budget.

Logos Relieves the Pressure on Your Schedule and Bank Account

Just open a passage or run a search and Logos automatically delivers Greek, Hebrew, and theology insights, saving you hours of busywork. And because it comes with biblical reference works at bulk prices, you save a fortune compared to building a print library book by book.

The New Factbook

One-Search Research

Look up anything—passage, topic, doctrine, word—and Logos scans your entire library, instantly compiling book excerpts, dictionary articles, and other essentials for your research. Our team of scholars has even done original research, giving you access to cutting-edge resources not available anywhere else.



Get 100s of Standard Academic Works for Less Than $3 Each

Each Academic package includes a library of lexicons, encyclopedias, original language resources, and other reference works you’ll rely on for the rest of your life. Because it’s all digital, you can find what you need with a search—and you won’t be chained to a library desk.

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Jayson, Bible college student

“Logos not only helped me with my courses but opened new doors in my own personal Bible study. I now use it on a daily basis.”

Greek & Hebrew

Plenty to Greek Out On

Logos automatically reads the Greek and Hebrew for you, showing you the original language word’s meaning—and even how it parses—in a few clicks. Plus, search the Greek New Testament by grammatical forms like the Granville-Sharp rule. (And if you don’t know what that is yet, just you wait until second-year Greek!)

Academic Discount Program

Harder to Decline Than Οὖς

You don’t want to pass up our savings program for students and scholars. It takes less than a minute to apply, and with it, you’ll save 30% on Logos packages.

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Dan, DMin student and pastor

“Logos . . . helped me finish two master’s degrees and preach and teach for the last 20 years.”

Notes & Research

Always Hit the Right Note

Organize all your research in one place. A robust note-taking system is built right in. It's like a stand-alone notes app, custom built for writing papers and preparing sermons.


Step Up to the Challenge with Step-by-Step Help

Logos walks you step by step through exegesis with crystal-clear instructions. From exploring English translations and cultural context to original language insights and application, you’ll find helpful links to Logos tools and authoritative resources along the way.


Watch the Newest Features in Action

Public Docs

A Community in a Class of Its Own

With Public Docs, you can tap the expertise of thousands of scholars, pastors, and students. Discover lists of passages on the topic you’re studying, resources to consult, sentence diagrams, and detailed syntax searches in the original languages.

Pastoral Tools

Ministry Lifesavers That Will Last a Lifetime

Logos doesn’t just give you academic works for your seminary paper. You get a word processor created just for sermon prep. A database to store all your sermons. An interactive calendar for planning your sermon series. And a searchable archive of biblical resources for pastoral counseling.

Bibliographies & Citations

Automatic Citations? That’s Just a Footnote.

Say goodbye to the frantic, last-minute search for bibliographic info. Logos cites everything for you as you paste quotes into research documents. It will even build your bibliography based on your seminary’s preferred citation style.

Web & Mobile

A Seminary Library in Your Pocket

Follow your study where it leads, wherever you are. Use Logos on your laptop, mobile device, or in any browser.